Black Swan Ghosts

What happens when you talk about something so controversial it can destroy your career? This book contains witness accounts of unexplainable aerial craft, technology and humanoids so real it could change your view of our universe forever!

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“Outstanding. A five star read!”— Amazon reviewer

“I read your book in one sitting last night. I couldn’t stop it was so good. I love it!!!“— Teri, life couch and certified master hypnotherapist, Salt Lake City

“Couldn’t put it down-excellent material.”— Colin Andrews, author and crop circle researcher

If you’re interested in the Disclosure movement, my new book Black Swan Ghosts: A sociologist encounters witnesses to unidentified aerial craft, their occupants, and other elements of our multiverse ebook is now available. This book is a discussion of why we have so much secrecy around the topics of alleged extraterrestrials and Unexplained Aerial Craft (UACs). It includes more than fifteen amazing and shocking real-life stories of unexplained encounters from a former airline pilot, children of Air Force pilots, a former DIA government remote viewer, a retired aerospace engineer, a former NASA scientist, a retired UK policeman, and many others. I also examine some new ideas in physics that might explain some of these encounters.

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The Best Evidence for UFOs/ETs

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Talk With Simeon Hein—”Multiverse Resonance in Remote Viewing, Channeling, Cold Fusion and Contact”

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E-Cat QX Demonstration—Is clean, safe energy finally here?

More info on this live test of the E-Cat QX energy device at and demo page. The demonstration is at 12 PM ET on Nov. 24th, 2017.

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Is the Tom Delonge/TTS event real Disclosure?

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The Buzz

If you want the latest updates about our favorite subjects like RV, UFOs, Black Swan Ghosts, and multiverses be sure to tune into “The Buzz” on tonight at 9:15-11 PM Eastern time. I’ll be on the show with host Kevin Thompson and other hosts. We’ll also be talking about an upcoming conference in Denver, May 2018 where I’ll be presenting some of this new information. Hope you can make it. Listeners can call in so don’t be bashful. There is a built-in radio player on the Z Talk Radio website.


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Grant Cameron on Tom Delonge Disclosure

Grant really nails it here. Highly recommended!

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Joy French shares inexplicable missing time experience from the 80’s—Black Swan Ghosts, Chapter 9

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Paul and Sonya’s terrifying encounter on Silbury Hill—Chapter 13

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Join my next live Resonant Viewing webinar

Learning about RspaceI’ll be doing another free RV webinar this Friday, September 29th at 2 PM SPT. We’ll look at some of the basics of how RV works, some of the new Multiverse ideas behind it, and then we’ll do some practice sessions. Now you can learn first-hand about this fascinating and controversial subject. More info here. Hope to see you at the webinar, there will be time for Q & A.

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Louise Voves–Witness to Flying Disc While Picking Huckleberries (Chapter 8)

Watch all the Black Swan Ghost witness videos at

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