Edgar Mitchell on Extraterrestrial Visitation

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Cold Fusion lecture by Mats Lewan

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Banned by Facebook!

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Simeon’s Top Three Predictions for 2016

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Steven Greer – Nov. 21st, 2015

Everything you ever wanted to know about how the “secret government” works.

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Celebrate Crop Circles (music video remix)

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“Fusion Reaction Designed in Hell”

In comparison to Cold Fusion, LENR, and the E-CAT, Hot Fusion is considerably more complex, to say the least!

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Franco’s Amazing UFO Encounter

Franco, someone I’ve known for quite some time, recounts an incredible sighting and encounter with an unknown craft at Wonderland Lake, Boulder, CO on June 6th, 2006. We’re looking to do a second video with additional witnesses and evidence.


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Dave Kerzner–Nothing (new music video)

Great new music video from prog rock champion Dave Kerzner. (I think that Cold Fusion/LENR researchers could also say this to the mainstream physics community: “All I need from you is nothing.”)

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Science Behind LENR

Here are some interesting ideas about how LENR might possibly generate heat and stay in self-sustain mode.

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