New research shows water fluoridation not cost effective

download picture.jgp  150x150 New research shows water fluoridation not cost effectiveA new, highly quantified, and meticulously researched journal article challenges the common claim from fluoridation proponents and advocates that every $1 invested in adding fluoridation chemicals to community drinking water yields $38 in dental savings.  The research, by Ko and Thiessen in the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health, 2014, shows that community water fluoridation is not cost effective once infrastructure replacement costs and the expense of disfiguring dental fluorosis are taken into account. (Note: this is not an easy read but you can check out the beginning summary and conclusion to get the gist.)

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Why Aliens Probably Exist (New Scientist video)

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‘”New World” album is here! (Prog rock record by Dave Kerzner)

Listen to the whole album for free or purchase at

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The Lanes in Brighton, U.K.

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New support for Cold Fusion research

Spawar1stGenCFCell 150x150 New support for Cold Fusion research

Cold Fusion Cell from U.S. Naval experiments

In an amazing turn of events, recent positive tests of Rossi’s E-Cat or Energy Catalyzer cold fusion-type device, (LENR–Low Energy Nuclear Reaction to be more precise), has fueled new, serious, and growing interest in the this potential energy source.  Bill Gates recently visited a well-known Cold Fusion lab in Italy. Is this a vindication of Fleischmann and Pons’ heavily vilified research from the 1980’s? If so, this is a huge story that cannot be overestimated. It implies that mainstream scientific and academic research got it wrong about Cold Fusion. Here are some new articles from the past few days.

“The Miraculous Machine” — Dome Magazine (Dec. 2015)

“Is Cold Fusion Back in Style?” — Neue Zurcher Zeitung (Dec. 2015) as reported by the site with partial English translation from German.


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Cold Fusion gets Hot!

Triple tracks in CR 39 150x150 Cold Fusion gets Hot!

Triple tracks in U.S. Navy Cold Fusion experiment

After several decades of mind-numbing, even pathological skepticism about Cold Fusion energy by the mainstream scientific community and most of the news media (with the exception of NBC’s 60 Minutes), everything looks set to change. Yes, MIT, the New York Times, Time magazine, the U.S. Patent Office and Scientific American all appear to have got it wrong! With the apparently successful test of Rossi’s LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) E-Cat device, all of sudden there is lots of renewed interest in the technology. While critics say there’s no theory to explain it,  some devices seem to produce a sustained, robust fusion-like energy reaction at a nuclear level. Bill Gates recently traveled to Italy’s ENEA to see it explained to him first-hand by Dr. Vittorio Violante and colleagues. Now, two mainstream academics are calling for a renewed effort to understand how it works, renew funding, and start assessing the global implications of such a low-cost, non-polluting energy source.
Huffington Post article — “Low Energy Nuclear Reactions”

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What I like about British architecture in Wiltshire

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Physicists propose “ghost universes” as alternative to quantum wave

powerful wave 150x150 Physicists propose ghost universes as alternative to quantum waveIn an intriguing and exciting idea that extends Hugh Everett’s multiverse, physicists now propose to do away with the quantum wave function entirely, and replace it with the complex interactions of multiple parallel universes. They’re calling it the “Many Interacting Worlds” theory and suggest that what appears to be a quantum wave function is instead the outcome of subtle interactions between parallel realities. The creators of this new idea say it explains such puzzling phenomena as quantum tunneling and zero-point energy. Some are even going so far as to suggest that parallel realities communicate with one another. This new idea seems to fit perfectly with the positive results over 100 years of remote viewing experiments and practice and other heretofore unexplained phenomena.

New Scientist article on Ghost Universes (requires subscription for full view)

Original article in Physical Review X (you can read the summary here)

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You can help with the Citizens’ Initiative for ET Disclosure

INTERNATIONALPANEL 150x150 You can help with the Citizens Initiative for ET Disclosure

Citizen Hearing, International Panel, April 2013, National Press Club

Here’s how to contact your Congressional representative. There haven’t been any Congressional hearings on extraterrestrials since 1968. With your help, we can make a difference and start finding out the truth about this complex and mysterious phenomena.

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The Citizen Hearing launches Congressional Hearing Initiative on Disclosure

Screen Shot 2014 11 06 at 12.07.18 PM 150x150 The Citizen Hearing launches Congressional Hearing Initiative on DisclosureThe Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, sponsored by the Paradigm Research Group, has launching its Congressional Hearing Initiative, whose aim is to educate members of Congress about the 5-day testimony given by former aerospace, military, and intelligence employees about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth in April, 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE TRAILER. The proceedings were governed by 5 former members of Congress. If you are interested in participating you can tweet, fax, email, and contact your representatives in Congress so they are better informed about the super exciting subject of extraterrestrial disclosure.

How to contact your Congressional representatives

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