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Sensing the Interface of Your Subtle Mind

Detecting subtle energy in your life isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You don’t need fancy measuring equipment or gadgets like we use in crop circles. We are always detecting the quality of information available to us but it’s often only at a subconscious level. Consequently, we often simply don’t pay attention to our gut reactions. Actually, all of the equipment needed to increase your awareness is already built into our physiology. It’s simply a question of paying attention to your feelings about what you are doing, seeing, and experiencing from moment to moment. Most information that comes into our senses is deleted or sequestered to our subconscious undermind, more than 99 percent. However, it’s there if you know where to look.

Teaching and doing resonant viewing for more than a decade has taught me that people have a lot of abilities they normally don’t make much use of. For instance, when you feel the sense of impending danger in your life, you look around and pay more attention to your surroundings, even without something tangible to go on. Similarly, you can pay attention to your positive feelings about anything you are dealing with at the moment to magnify the interaction.

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Fine-Tuning Your Crystalline Mind

This blog represents the fusion of ideas, products, and resonance that can help you to connect with your higher mind. What is the higher mind? It’s the bigger you that can’t see with your physical senses. After years of research into the fields of crop circles, remote viewing, and spiritual transcendence, I’ve synthesized these ideas into one concept you can use to achieve your goals with certainty and focus. It all boils down to creating a magnetic attraction with your actions, ideas, and daydreams. When they crystallize into a coherent whole you can achieve new heights and break new boundaries. Surprise yourself with who you really are and what you can do. It’s way more than you think.

The resources on this site are all designed to help you fine-tune your connection with your higher mind by clarifying your thinking, detoxifying your body, and heightening your subtle perception. Then you can get about the business of being the bigger you that you were mean’t to be.

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Remote Viewing Videos

I’ve re-posted some remote viewing videos on that are also on YouTube. These are from the 2005 IUFOC meetings (International UFO congress). I gave this presentation with Ron Russell and we explained how remote viewing works and then gave a short, hands-on training seminar to the audience. These videos are divided into seven sections. The first two videos give a basic introduction to the subtle-energy theory behind remote viewing. The third through sixth videos show actual remote viewing sessions and examples. The seventh video shows the training and sample target given to the audience.

In the last video (pt. 7), I explain how the process works and go through a mini-viewing session with audience. Look through the series here and then see how well you do. Do you think you can view a distance target with your subconscious mind? Of course, the main point of a viewing session is to learn about yourself. So even if you miss the target, it can be good session if you find out why!

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