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New Math Research Supports the Idea of Crop Circles as Examples of “Explosive Percolation”


Now this is really cool. Does network theory explain the weird effects of crop circles? A recent article from the March 13th, 2009 issue Science Magazine entitled “Explosive Percolation in Random Networks” (and the supporting report “Emergence of Connectivity in Networks” in the same issue) upholds the idea that the structure of crop circles could create the anomalous electro-magnetic effects sometimes seen in and around their vicinity.  The authors describe a type of phase transition in matter that arises when previous disconnected nodes randomly connect, suddenly and unexpectedly, as opposed to slower, linear changes that happen in “ordinary” systems. “Explosive percolation” is the term they use to explain how a network reorganizes itself as a result of “sudden linking,” to the extent that the entire system undergoes radical transformation. The is also known as a second-order transition, as in liquid water turning to ice, where as a first-order transition is more gradual, like the onset of magnetism. Second-order transitions, in contrast to the first-order type, are abrupt and discontinuous and describe networks that have undergone rapid restructuring.

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X-Conference 2009 Presentations Online at Ustream

Thanks to the work of the German Exopolitik group, the event was broadcast live and some of the presentations at this year’s X-Conference held near Washington, D.C. in April, are available now on Ustream for free. The presentations include Michael Salla, Paola Harris, Edgar Mitchell, Milton Torres and Nick Pope, Graham Hancock, and many others. Click Here to Watch. Some excellent information and updates here.  (What was that thing that crashed into the wind turbine in the U.K.?) Presentation titles are in German.

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Weird Travels: Crop Circles

In 2006, the Travel Channel came to England to film our tour group as part of their Weird Travel series. The result was a fairly balanced report on the phenomenon with yours truly getting some serious film time. At a little after 10 minutes into the video you can see our group go into a strange looking crop formation by Silbury Hill and experience some battery failure in several devices. Some of the people featured here are Colin Andrews, Andrew Collins, Busty Taylor, Ron Russell, Gail Finley, Tim Carson, and myself. Well done Travel Channel!

More about this year’s crop circle tour

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First Three Crop Circles of the Year

A brand new crop circle, the first of the year, appeared a few days ago on the Ridgeway in Wiltshire, near the town of Avebury.  A classic-looking formation in the style of a waveguide. First Formation of the Year. And here’s the second one at the West Kennett Longbarrow, photos uploaded today. And this stunning picture of the West Kennett formation courtesy of Russell Stannard. And kudos to Russell for a shot of the third formation of the year, also near Avebury.

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Two Crop Formations from 2008

Here are two really well-done formations from the 2008 season. Thanks to Peter Sorensen and pilot Dai Dobbs for the photos.

Milk Hill, Stanton St. Bernard


East Field

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Race to Witch Mountain — Kids’ Movie or UFO Disclosure?

Race to Witch Mountain

Race to Witch Mountain

I recently saw Disney’s new movie “Race to Witch Mountain,”  based on the recommendation of a friend who works in the movie industry. While I was expecting a kid’s adventure movie with some ET themes, the movie does a good job of portraying real world, UFO-inspired issues in a way that adults will learn something too. Although the plot of the movie wasn’t entirely new–good aliens come the earth to save the universe from destruction by the bad aliens–the feeling and tone of the characters and their relationships had an air of authenticity that lacked any hint of ridicule or cynicism so common in media treatment of this subject. The opening sequence, a string of authentic-looking UFO photos and videos, adds to the gritty feeling of realness. While the film has it’s lighter moments–the scenes at the UFO conference in Las Vegas are hilarious–the idea that portions of our government suppress ET contact because of their own narrow agenda is timely. The credits included some respected UFO researchers as film consultants. I left the movie theater wondering if this was a kid’s movie after all.

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Crop Circle Spinners Now Online

In the late ’90s, I heard an allegedly alien channel, Bashar, recommend creating a film of spinning crop circles. He said it would reveal new information that could not be seen in a still photograph. It seemed like a neat idea and with the help of Peter Sorensen’s black and white drawings of the formations, I created a thirty-minute long video of spinning circles from several of the best formations from 1991-98. You can see patterns emerge from the spinning circles and many other interesting artifacts.  Let me know what you think. (These look best in HQ mode. Press the button on the bottom right of the video viewer.) This video was recorded with a Sony analogue Hi-8 camera (which produces more interesting results than a digital video camera). Music by Simeon Hein from his CDs Opening Skies and Earth Dreaming. This video is also available as a DVD for sale here.

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