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We Think With Our Bodies

New research in human thought processes has found that humans literally think with their bodies. (“Let Your Body Do the Thinking,” New Scientist, march 27th 2010) This is referred to as “embodied cognition.” Scientists have done a number of well-conducted studies showing that human activity affects what types of thoughts people are likely to have. For example, when creating random numbers, people tend to look downward and to the left when thinking of a small numbers, and up and to the right when thinking of larger ones.

Other studies found that when volunteers moved marbles in an upward fashion, they used more emotionally positively-laden metaphors in their speech. And the opposite was true to for those moving marbles in a downward direction.

Similarly, left-handers tend to identify things on the left more favorable than objects on the right, and visa-versa with right-handers.

These results suggest that our abstract thought is connected with physical movement and does not occur in isolation. This idea directly challenges those held by mainstream cognitive scientists who believe that thought occurs independently of our bodies or spatial settings.

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Sgt. Clifford Stone and Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean (retired)–“Aliens are Real”

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Flatland–The Movie

When I first read Edwin Abbott’s Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions (1884) over a decade ago I was really impressed with both his storytelling skill and his vision for the human predicament. That is, we live in a multidimensional universe, but our socialization often encourages us to tune out anything but everyday, ordinary social, cultural  and economic phenomena. Thus, we become like the main character in Flatland, aware of a larger universe but unable to connect with it without feeling ridiculed, ostracized, or worse.

Now the book has been turned into animated movie featuring the voice of Martin Sheen and other actors. I thought they did a great job with it, preserving the impact of the original story while benefiting from the latest animation techniques. Read more about the Flatland movie here.  

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President Eisenhower Briefed on UFOs

New information recently surfaced from Henry W. McElroy, Jr, a retiring State Representative to New Hampshire, last week about President Eisenhower’s involvement in UFOs. McElroy says he personally saw a federal document acknowledging the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth that was written for President Eisenhower. If true, this is more evidence that portions of the U.S. government know more about extraterrestrials than has previously been acknowledged.  President Eisenhower and UFOs. Watch McElroy’s video press release below.

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Opening Minds Audio Book now on iTunes

Yes, it’s finally happened. The Opening Minds Audio Book is now on iTunes. This is the unabridged version of Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters, Crop Circles, and Resonance read by myself with original music. It includes all the chapters from the original book.  Click here to listen to the Opening Minds Audio Book on iTunes. Get more information at the Opening Minds Audio Book info page. This is still one of the most accurate books ever written about the crop circle phenomena. It also includes information about UFOs, remote viewing and real accounts of human/alien sexual encounters. (Recommended for adult readers.)

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Is Russia Preparing for UFO Disclosure?

Here are some indications that Russia is ready for UFO Disclosure. Revelations by a mainstream politician, and Russia’s media, that ongoing ET contact with humans is happening now. Russia and UFO Disclosure

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Second U.K. Crop Formation of the Year

If you haven’t seen it, this is the second known formation in the U.K. this year. It appeared near Stonehenge around May 9th and it’s a whopper!  Read more about the Stonehenge Formation here.
(Photos © 2010 by Chris Bird.)

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Crop Circle Tour Update

Thanks to the help of Colin Andrews, our crop circle tour group this summer will be visiting the UFO “hotspot” in the Radnor Forest, Wales. This area has seen frequent UFO activity plus small crop circles in grass and farm fields. The soil beneath the crop circles appears to have been heated to a very high temperature and the soil itself has become like crystallized clay. More information at Crop Circle Tours

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First U.K. Crop Circle of the Year

The first U.K. crop circle of the year has appeared, the so-called “Badger Formation,” on May 5th, by Old Sarum. (Discovered by Badger of Disclose TV.) See it here.

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Virtual Crop Circle Tour

Now you can experience the magical resonance of the crop circles, from wherever you are. Click Here for the Virtual Crop Circle Tour

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