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Why Go On A Crop Circle Tour?

This article explains the real reasons people go out of their way to visit the crop circles. For the adventure, UFOs, and weird electromagnetic effects:

Why go on a crop circle tour?

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Kennedy Brothers, Marilyn Monroe, and the UFO Connection: New Evidence Surfaces

New evidence has come to light about the role of UFO knowledge in the fate of the Kennedy brothers and Marilyn Monroe. In this article, Michael Salla puts together a compelling argument bolstered by the credible video testimony of Col. Philip Corso (deceased) that both John F. and Robert Kennedy as well as Monroe were silenced over their knowledge of the reality of UFO, extraterrestrials, and ET technology. President Kennedy apparently visited UFO crash sites and saw alien bodies. Read the article and watch Corso’s testimony below.
Kennedy’s, Marilyn Monroe and UFOs

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How To Dress On A Crop Circle Tour

This short article tells you what you types of clothing to bring along on a crop circle tour.

What Clothing To Bring Along On A Crop Circle Tour

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3 Keys to Tuning Your Resonance and Contacting the Zero-Point Field

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More info available at

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Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman Describes UFO Cover-Up as “Cosmic Watergate”

Brazil, 1958.

Former nuclear physicist and researcher Stanton Friedman has garnered a lot of attention of recently with an interview about the UFO cover-up which he describes as a “Cosmic Watergate.” Friedman, the principal investigator to discover witnesses to the Roswell crash in 1947 alleges that U.S. government knows a lot more than it has admitted to about the subject.  Read More Here

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Scientists Argue That Multiple-Universe Theory Simplifies Our Understanding of The Cosmos

New research by Raphael Bousso of the University of California, Berkeley suggests that a multiple-universe interpretation of the cosmos actually simplifies our understanding of dark matter, vacuum energy, and other mysterious topics (New Scientist, 6 March, 2010). Bousso and others argue that this isn’t just a theoretical discussion but an empirical one. By working with formulas that incorporate a multiverse approach, a so-called “causal patch” approach, actually fits real data better than the Einsteinian perspective which has trouble dealing with the temporal frame of each observer. The possibility of many universes, all existing simultaneously, actually does away with the time paradox.

The implications of this approach are straight out of Flatland. It follows from the multiverse approach that higher dimensional universes sometimes impinge upon our own, just as a three-dimensional looking hologram is imprinted on a two-dimensional surface. In this way, different bubble universes can interact with each other: By leaving imprints at each others boundaries.

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New Crop Circle Stunner

Courtesy of Olivier Morrel

Here’s the latest U.K. crop circle at Liddington Castle, Wiltshire. This particular formation has a “lens-type” effect. What is it and what does it mean?

See more pictures here.

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Latest Opening Minds Dr. Hein Radio Interview

With Kim Greenhouse of “It’s Rainmaking Time.” We talk about all sorts of interesting topics including remote viewing,  subtle energy, resonance, cognition, time, space, fractals, chaos theory and more!

Listen to the Opening Minds and Resonance Interview

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Wilton Windmill Crop Circle (5/22/10)–Binary Code?

Photo Courtesy of Chris Bird

3-D Representation of Euler's Theorem

    This enigmatic formation recently appeared near a Windmill in Wilton, Wiltshire. See more pictures here. Some people think this represents binary code for Euler’s Theorem which describes a deep relationship between trigonometry, exponential and imaginary numbers. See the flash animation illustrating the idea that the Wilton crop formation represents Euler’s Theorem. What do you think? If you want to see the crop circles this summer, join us on the Crop Circle Tour.

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