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“The Event” and Testimony of Sergeant Command Major Robert O. Dean (retired)–Interesting Similarites

Robert O. Dean

I couldn’t help but notice in episode 2 of NBC’s new TV, “The Event,” some of the similarities between the storyline of the show and the testimony of retired military officer Robert O. Dean. In the TV show we are told of the arrival of beings that look exactly like humans yet are genetically one-percent different. Are they humans from the future or extraterrestrials? We aren’t told yet.

But if you have heard any of Bob Dean’s presentations, if not you can see one here, then you know that he claims to have seen documents while serving at NATO headquarters in Europe in the 1960’s showing four different types of extraterrestrials known to be visiting Earth at that time. One of them, says Dean, look exactly like us. The similarities were so strong that apparently the top brass at NATO were extremely concerned that they could have infiltrated the highest levels of the our military and government organizations.

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The True Story of Why I Teach Virtual Viewing (the aliens made me do it, really)

I never really talked about this before, but I had some outside influence that prompted me to start teaching virtual viewing. I’m not sure what happened that night, it could have just been my imagination. But in the early hours of the morning, some intelligence gave me instructions about how and where to teach viewing to the general public. Yes, this really happened.

The instructions they spoke to me were very direct. The beings looked short and somewhat like humans, only more intelligent. Were they extraterrestrials? Did I make it all up in my mind? I can’t really say for sure, but at about 2:11 in the this video I tell the whole story:

Click Here For “Instant Access” To Virtual Viewing

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“The Event”–What Does UFO/ET Disclosure Mean For The U.S. Economy?

If you saw NBC’s new weekly adventure-drama “The Event,” which airs on Monday nights, you’re probably wondering what it all means. Is this just more TV entertainment or something more meaningful? Afterall, the topic of UFO/ET disclosure is a telling one with many real-world implications, consequences, and repercussions. While some have foretold the total crash of the stock market in the wake of such an event, I think there are more positive, long-term implications: like the growth of a whole new economy, new technologies, and demand for right-brain thinking skills. If you think about it, the U.S. economy isn’t doing that well on it’s one right now, is it? It could use a little boost, of the extraterrestrial kind. Read more: UFOs, ETs and the U.S. Economy and Top Jobs in a Post UFO-Disclosure Economy.

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Economy in Crisis?

If you’ve following this blog, you’ll notice I’ve written a few posts recently about our economic situation and the lack of good, creative right-brain thinking being taught in our schools and nutured by American companies. These days, anything done on a mass-production assembly line can be outsourced to countries with cheap labor pools. Creative work, however, is growing in the U.S. and much of the Western world by leaps and bounds.  Looks like these posts have caused quite a stir. Read some of the comments here: Economy in Crisis

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The Great Brain Turnoff–Why U.S. Companies Need More Whole-Brain Thinking

spiralAnyone who has been watching the development of the United States economy over the last few decades has to be wondering why the U.S. is no longer as productive as it used to be. One of the reasons clearly has to do with a decline in the ability of American companies to produce new products and services that really excite people, especially those in other countries. A major cause of this economic slowdown is a lack of overall creativity as a result of an overemphasis on left-brain logical thinking over right-brain intuitive, holistic thinking. Read more here: The Great Brain Turnoff–Is the U.S. Economy Suffering From Boredom?

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Is the U.S. Economy Suffering From A Crisis of Creativity?

In the following press release, I argue that the United States economy is suffering from a “crisis of creativity” that comes about from an educational system that overemphasizes left-brain at the expense of right-brain thinking. For a long time, rational analytical thinking has been seen as superior to creativity which is seated mainly in the right-brain. The latter is responsible for large-scale, holistic, intuitive thinking which seems in short supply these days. Notable exceptions include Google, Apple, and a few other companies that fully make use of their employees creative talents. Read the release here:

Sociologist Argues The U.S. Economy Suffers “Crisis of Creativity”

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