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Can Viewing Help You Become An Alien Translator?

aliensPeople often ask me what the real benefits of viewing are. Like what can it do for you?

There are lots of answers to this questions (apart from helping to predict the tomorrow’s stock market.) Actually, one of the best applications of remote virtual viewing, I believe, is yet to come.

I’m confident that when we finally make first-contact with an extraterrestrial species, viewers will be in great demand as translators.

Think about it. Viewers know the difference between mental noise and real signal. They don’t get distracted as easily by their own “monkey mind.” They stay focused. All these skills would be extremely useful for deciphering new ET languages and even for understanding non-verbal or telepathic communications.

Read more here: Viewing and Becoming an Alien Translator

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Monsters and Aliens?

monstersIt’s a well known fact that exploring the unknown can be a little scary sometimes. Especially when it’s your “own unknown.” Even downright TERRIFYING.

Over the years, I’ve seen people encounter all sorts of creepies and crawlies in their viewing sessions. Chills and thrills galore! UFOs, creatures from the deep, and worse.

But fear not. Ultimately, you are always in control of your own session. And having a secret window into your own unknown can be a good thing.

You learn a lot about yourself. And ultimately realize that it may not be so scary after all. It’s a learning experience.

And if you take the time to learn about yourself, the outside world is less intimidating too.

That’s one of the real benefits of viewing. Seriously good stuff. You learn that the unknown is a resource, a friend, and a provider.

Don’t run away from it. Engage it. But on your own terms.

And to celebrate this journey of discovery, I got a special deal going TODAY ONLY.

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Giant UFO Seen Over NYC, Nov. 24th

This UFO was seen by several witnesses over New York City’s Upper East Side at around 6:45-7 pm on Wednesday, November 24th. Have they returned again for another visit? To read a thread with people debating whether this is a helicopter or not click here.

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Roswell Crash Witness

Fascinating interview with alleged Roswell crash witness Gerald Anderson who tells how he saw the craft, bodies, and crash site while hiking with his family as a boy in New Mexico in 1947. Especially interesting, in part II, is how he says it felt when one of the injured aliens engaged him telepathically.

Gerald Anderson Interview Part II

Commentary on Gerald Anderson

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The Powers of Ten

This is an oldie but goodie precursor to the more recent “The Known Universe.” Thanks to Stephan for finding this.

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How To Use Your Imagination In A Viewing Session

For a long time, at least since the dawn of the military-sponsored remote viewing program, there has been a taboo against using creativity in a viewing session. The reason for this is that our imagination can color the results of a session distorting the information with our own ideas. And most of time, when you view, you are going for accuracy and fidelity.

But is their a way for imagination to be integrated with viewing? Well, in fact, there is. It’s something I can “resonant visualization.” And it’s not that different from what is referred to as “remote influencing.” Only in this case, you are simply using resonance to conjure of images and feelings about things you prefer. And in doing so, you use the “law of attraction” or vibration to create the conditions for achieving your goals and priorities.

So there is a way to integrate imagination and viewing in a production way, it just requires a slight modification of the viewing process, to create energy and information rather than just to passively perceive it.

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Thanks For Your Help! Viewing Success!!

Virtual Viewing InsightThanks to everyone for helping to test out the new Virtual Viewing Insight class. I really appreciate all your input and perseverance with this new viewing training product. It’s really assisting me to make it better for everyone. I’m getting a much better feeling for how people learn to access remote targets from an online class format. If you still want to get in on the this remote viewing class click the link: Yes, I Want To Test Drive The Virtual Viewing Insight Class [fb-like-button]

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“Test Pilots” Wanted For Virtual Viewing Insight–(wild ride ahead)

Virtual Viewing Insight

Get Amazing Powers of Perception and Creativity

If you want to hone your mind into a razor-sharp, jujitsu-like, space-time traversing machine, then this is for you.  I’ve just created a full-featured yet condensed version of my online Virtual Viewing class which is right now only available to my subscribers and viewers of this blog. I’d love for you to try it out and give me your feedback. What did you like or not like about it? Can you see a way to make it better?

Click Here To Try Virtual Viewing Insight!

Also, I think if you go through the exercises in the class you’ll learn a ton of amazing things about yourself. This isn’t “fringe science”: it’s better than remote viewing, it’s resonance in action! I don’t know any better to jump-start your creativity and exploration of your greater intelligence potential.  It’s also got a special ultra-low price for a limited time.

This is the “real deal” so give it a shot, click the link above,  and let me know what you think. I know you’ll like it!

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