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How to Think and Grow Rich

goldThink and Grow Rich, a classic text by Napoleon Hill, has been studied and talked about by success coaches and motivational speakers for generations. It’s influenced countless numbers of others. Hill was originally commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in the 1930’s to study successful men of the era including Ford, Edison, J.P. Morgan, and hundreds of others in order to discover their “secrets of success.” Hill claimed to have found the common basic principles that all of them used to become giants in their field. In this book, he explains how anyone can use these ideas to the same effect.

But did you know that Hill makes frequently reference to the “sixth sense” and other types of psychic functioning as the basis for what makes people successful?  He also talks about the importance of transmuting personal, physical energy into creative energy. It’s a question of tapping into “infinite intelligence” with your subconscious mind and imprinting that intelligence with your intentions and ideas. Simple right?

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Look for the “Psychic Flash” (Mining for nuggets of mental gold)

psychic flashI recently heard a lecture by RV legend Jack “Spoonbender” Houck,–(yes, he really teaches people how to psychically bend spoons using only their mind’s innate “chi power” at his so-called “PK (psychokinesis) parties”)–where he talked about an important concept that I want to share with you. He called it the “psychic flash.”

This is absolutely one of most useful concepts I’ve encountered while studying viewing.
It’s the basis now of lots of good things in my life.

Maybe you’ve heard of it. Basically, it’s the intuitive, psychic signal that flashes within your mind when you are about to get some really good, fresh, synthesized, deep-yet-straightforward information. It’s brief. It’s fast. It’s accurate.

If you look for this little tidbit of gold within your awareness, and you
receive one of these  compact and concentrated, mental “info goodies,” you
know you are on the right track. You’re getting accurate information. So stay
with it.

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Go for the Viewing Gold (Ready for the challenge?)

The Virtual Viewing Gold Membership class is now on sale (over 30 percent off!) through the end of 2010. Now only $697 until December 31st! This full-featured viewing class has everything you need to develop your viewing skills, tap into your creative imagination, and connect with infinite intelligence. It includes tons of video instructions, great bonuses, and two full live phone sessions with me to check your viewing progress. Find out more details and how to purchase at Virtual Viewing Gold.

Key Features Include:

  • Using Viewing With the Law of Attraction
  • Easy “Step by Step” Instructions
  • Now Includes Medical Diagnosis and Remote Healing
  • Also Includes Locational Exercises and Map Dowsing
  • Special Viewing Secrets Never Revealed to the Public Until Now!
  • Two private Skype or phone sessions!
  • Complete Guaranteed–Zero Risk

You learn about applying your viewing skills to the Law of Attraction. Plus you’ll find out how to use viewing to perform healing in yourself or others.  Plus, I’ve included a host of locational tools for finding objects, people, and events on a map. You’ll have a blast and learn a ton about yourself. This is the real deal! Find out more at Virtual Viewing Gold.

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Crop Circle Tour 2013

Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join veteran crop circle researcher Dr. Simeon Hein and local crop circle experts as we explore the Crop Circle Mystery this summer in the U.K. We’ll also visit plenty of sacred sites and do a nightwatch for UFOs and other anomalous light phenomena. Plus, we’ll stay at great hotels and eat at some fantastic British pubs. We’ll also learn how to do “resonant viewing” so as to pick up the maximum amount of etheric and subtle information in the formations and other places we visit.  This will be one trip you won’t forget! Click here to get more info about our Crop Circle Tours in July 2013. Reserve your place now. Call us for more trip info toll-free at 1-415-413-8052.

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Jim Marrs — The U.S. Government’s Secret Remote Viewing Program and UFOs

Jim Marrs wrote one of the first books on remote viewing, Psi Spies back in 1993.

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Sacred Sites Offer A Chance To Experience Subtle Energies

StonehengeWe’ve talked a lot on this blog about crop circles as a source for unexplained energies, sacred sites offer another way to experience the feeling of subtle energies. I’m specifically talking about the ancient stone circles in England and other locations. Every year, on our crop circle tour, we visit Stonehenge and Avebury, two of the better known stone circles in Europe. Avebury is actually much older and bigger than Stonehenge, though latter is far better known and easier to see: it’s a much more compact structure than Avebury.

We’re still learning about how these sites generate energy, and we haven’t seen the battery-draining effects as we do in some crop circles. But they offer a glimpse into the past, a time when people understood the function of geometry in the landscape and sought to integrate their structures with the larger terrain. Silbury Hill is a good example of a structure with beautiful form and site placement.

For more information about visiting these sites, please visit our  summer tours in England page:  Sacred sites in England

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Crystalline Structure Increases Casimir Effect

casimir effectA European team has found a way to use crystalline structures to increase the Casimir Effect: the nanoscale force that attracts particles at a quantum scale. The Casimir effect is usually measured with microscale, flat metallic plates and measures in at a tiny 100 piconewtons. However, when the team measured the same forces using the crystalline layer of metals called AIST and used to coat to rewritable CDs and DVDs, the force measured 20 to 25 per cent higher. This is highly significant in that the result suggests shapes affect quantum effects. Perhaps this is true at other scales too such as in crop circles where unexplained energy effects such as a repeated cases of sudden battery failure and other phenomenon have been reported.

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Upcoming WikiLeaks cables to contain UFO related comments

We’re told from this MSNBC article that upcoming WikiLeaks releases will have some references to UFOs. Is this the beginning of disclosure?

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Virtual Viewing “Lite”–It Just Works!

intro to insightHere’s my newest, lite version of Virtual Viewing. For those who just want to get their feet wet. Same great 30-day guarantee with a recession-busting low price and tons of benefits!

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Benoit Mandelbrot and Nassim Taleb Discuss The Perilous State of Our Financial System

Excellent discussion about our current financial situation from the point of view of two people who really understand chaos theory, fractal geometry and the nonlinear basis our economy. According the late Mandelbrot “everything is possible.”

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