New French Aerospace Study Suggests UFOs Are Extraterrestrial Craft

A recent report by the French Sigma/3AF aerospace commission concludes that UFOs are likely to be extraterrestrial craft powered by yet as unknown technologies. According to the report “the technological elements that we selected… allow us to draw some assumptions about the aircraft in question, which do not seem to belong to an identifiable terrestrial technology at the times when they were observed.” This sober conclusion is the result of many years of investigation which included the COMETA report from the 1999. The Sigma/3AF board consists of former French military officials and fighter pilots among others. This report is not final but rather a ongoing investigation into the source of the UFO mystery.  Read more about the Sigma/3AF report.

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2 Responses to New French Aerospace Study Suggests UFOs Are Extraterrestrial Craft

  1. waro says:

    New information about the extraterrestrial activities is always welcome.
    The reason it take so long to gain access any information about this fascinating subject, is because lying is the biggest industry in this world.
    Revealing the truth is tantamount to a crime,
    conversely… tell the truth, and you may not get the opportunity to repeat it.
    NASA has not told the truth since it’s inception.

    Too many secrets is the problem, every country on the Earth has had some experience` with UFO matters,
    However, much of this acquired information is restricted, and kept from the public…..In the national interest…?
    No, in the interest of the rich and infamous.

    I hope that more UFO material will be revealed in the near future,

    Look forward to your next news letter.


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