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Are You Ready to Completely Tap Into Your Innate Natural Mind Powers?

Do you believe you have “hidden” untapped abilities that you haven’t completely made use of? Do you ever feel you could be doing better and achieve more in your job, relationships, and everyday life. Do you want to have more success in whatever you do?


Many prominent thinkers like Albert Einstein, Napolean Hill, Deepak Chopra and many others have talked about the fields of “energy and intelligence” that surround us all. My new training program teaches you how to totally access your full intelligence by harnessing the natural energy fields of the universe and creating more synchronicity in your life. This weekly group coaching program is designed to help you maximize your ability to succeed in any environment, by tapping into the parallel realities that are all around you.

So you can get results RIGHT NOW.

You might have seen these types of ideas in the TV shows “Fringe” and “Star Trek” Well, this isn’t just science fiction. It’s real! And now it’s available to you. Click below to find out more!

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New Cold Fusion Technology Breakthrough?

So far, the U.S. Patent Office has refused to issue a patent for this alleged breakthrough low-energy fusion process created by scientist Andrea Rossi. Here’s the latest information about it.

Click Here for More Information About the New Cold Fusion Technology

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Air Force Officers Admit to UFOs, Possible Alien Contact

Here’s an abbreviated clip from the astounding and informative September, 2010 briefing by former nuclear missile officers and technicians at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C about UFOs and missile facilities.

More info about the press conference

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Orbs in the Colin Andrews Video?

A reanalysis of this previously posted video about our upcoming crop circle tour in July 2011 shows some anomalous lights resembling orbs at 0:11 and 0:52 in the video. Read more about this orb video here. Take a look and decide for yourself:


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What is an “Aerostructure” (and why it matters to you)


What is an “aerostructure” and why should you care?

Let me explain.
(And I am not referring here to aircraft frames!)

Aerostructures, as I think of them, are physical objects, energy processes, and vibrational systems that act as a bridge between the invisible quantum reality we can’t see and the physical reality that we perceive with our senses. It’s an interface, a transitional space, that allows energy to be “stepped down” in frequency from a lighter density to a heavier one: from energy to matter, for example. So it’s a physical or vibrational pattern that allows energy and matter to change frequencies.

(Bare with me here, I promise this will make sense.)

Aerostructures exist in both physical and energetic forms. As physical objects, they often have an increasingly fine or detailed pattern at their boundaries so that they interface with their environments in a very graphically complex way.

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Crazy “Fringe Science” Interview with Elisa Brown (complete)

In this 5-part interview, Simeon Hein and Elisa Brown discuss topics like remote viewing, crop circles, UFOs and everything in between! This is weird fringe science type stuff, so I’m not asking you to believe it, just take a listen and make up your own mind.

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


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