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“OMG! It works!” (yes, it does)

I just got an email from someone that said, “OMG! I can’t
believe it works”

She went through my RV mini class, and was so excited.

But… then she went on to say that she wanted MORE.

MORE remote viewing content, that goes deeper into the
top-secret techniques that the military has used for

But I’m not into using this for nefarious purposes – I love
to share this stuff so people can improve their health, well
being, and even wealth.

If you want to use it for nefarious purposes, please stay

But if you’re ready to use it for good, then have a look.
I’m really excited about sharing this “next level” content
with you.

ps – They may make me take this link down at any time , so I
hope you’ll check it out while it’s available.

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Consider the Unknown: Leveling with Skeptics

Guest Post by Mariana Ashley

Paranormal studies provide a fascinating and enriching experience to those willing to be educated outside the box. It some cases, one must take a certain leap of faith in order to fully appreciate the wealth of data supporting the paranormal. However there are many—a majority, in fact—who refute substantial evidence of paranormal activity out of abject skepticism.

You may find this scenario familiar: speaking among friends or colleagues about a particular subject, someone new to the group expresses their complete doubt over its authenticity or legitimacy. They may try to categorize your discussion as that of “fringe” science or research, saying the term with a condescending attitude. In this situation I would advise you to be open to criticism but firm in your beliefs; impress upon the skeptic the existing scientific data to back up the claim. I’d also implore you to ask the skeptic to take the following steps if they want to get a better understanding of paranormal and fringe sciences.

Open your mind

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Adapt: How Success Always Starts With Failure

Described by some as Britain’s “Malcolm Gladwell,” Tim Harford’s profound and highly insightful book Adapt: How Success Always Starts With Failure is a must read if you’re interested in how flexible, local decision making is often more effective than large, hierarchical, organizational system’s thinking.

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Voyage to Virgo

Enjoy this animated voyage from our place in the Milky Way to the Virgo Cluster of galaxies. (Just for your info, the video is part of an intriguing new book The New Universe and the Human Future: How a Shared Cosmology Could Change the World. By Nancy Ellen Abrams and Joel R. Primack.)
Click Here for HD Version on YouTube   Narrated Version

Learn to Expand Your Inner Space

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How to Connect With Your Creative Intelligence (Update)

Here’s the latest on my Human Fusion™ training system and how it might help you access more of your innate creativity.

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