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Remote Viewing: Can I Win the Lottery?

Find out more with the Viewing Master Class.

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Imagination–Just What the Doctor Ordered

You might enjoy this new book Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer. Some very good descriptions of how the creative process arises and how creativity does not fit into a linear, analytical mindset. Lehrer does not approach the area of remote viewing and non-local awareness, in fact, he explicitly stays away from it. But his discussion definitely moves the ball down the field.

However, one also wishes that Lehrer would look at some of the recent research concerning remote viewing, human-machine interactions at PEAR Labs, and presentience data that show that our imaginations may span more than just our right brains.

(Also take a look at this previous post concerning recent discoveries about human imagination.)

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How Beliefs Affect Your Intelligence (It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy)

A new study, revealed by Scientific American, shows that people who believe they can learn from their mistakes and have a more positive mind-set towards their errors actually learn faster than people with a more negative point of view about mistakes. The researchers label this the “Oops Response” and say it is stronger in more positive-minded people.  In essence, your beliefs about mistakes are a “self-fulfilling prophecy.” The “Oops Response” and Error Positivity in Learning.

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Online Precognition Test–Try This!

From Michael Franklin, a Project Scientist working with Jonathan Schooler in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara: “We are looking for volunteers to participate in a new online precognition experiment.  The user will predict the outcome of an online roulette spin. The actual experiment takes about 30 minutes to complete.” In order to keep track of where subjects are coming from, after the experiment is initiated there is a screen where you can enter an experiment code  — Please enter the code ‘CrystalMind‘.  The precognition experiment can be accessed here.  The magazine New Scientist featured this story in the Jan 18, 2012 issue.
(Please note, this experiment is creating aggregate, group data. You will not be given your results at the end of test (sorry), but hopefully we’ll find out the group result when enough tests have been completed!)

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New Crystal Mind Forum

Hey, we just added a forum to this site, so you can share your ideas and feelings about the topics posted here.

You can find the New Crystal Mind forum here. Log in with your New Crystal Mind login name and password, or use your Google, Twitter, Linkedin or Facebook login info.

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People Who Trust Their Feelings Make Better Predictions

Emotional Oracle Effect

Michael Tuan Pham

A forthcoming article in the Journal of Consumer Research by Michael Tuan Pham of Columbia Business School, et al., shows that people who trust their feelings make better predictions than those who don’t. Read more about Feeling the Future: the Emotional Oracle Effect. The authors suggest that people who are in touch with their feelings have a “privileged window” into their subconscious mind’s knowledge, that analytical thinking is incapable of providing. Click here to read the complete Emotional Oracle Effect article.

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UFO Disclosure Petition II Live on White House Site

Laurance Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton

Laurance Rockefeller and Hillary Clinton

Please sign the new UFO Disclosure petition on the website. The petition is about getting the Obama White House to disclose the truth about President Clinton’s and Laurance S. Rockefeller’s joint efforts to reveal UFO information to the public. Read the letter from Mr. Rockefeller to President Clinton recommending a declassification of  federal government Extraterrestrial and UFO documents. Also see this letter from Rockefeller addressed to one of Clinton’s Science Advisors.

See the Disclosure Petition to President Obama Here

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Dr. Simeon Hein Interview with MO magazine

Here’s my latest interview, with Cathy Pritchett of, where we discuss things like resonance, remote viewing, and the true causes of the economic slowdown.

(Don’t forget to vote for my interview if you like it, right at the top of the page. The more votes, the more exposure for the interview. Thanks.)


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Crop Circles 2011

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Chilean Air Force General Confirms Existence of UFOs

A retired Chilean Air Force General Ricardo Bermudez has given a detailed report in February, 2012, on military and civilian sightings of UFOs in his country. He calls for greater international coordination to research the nature and origin of this persistent, yet mysterious phenomena. Includes the multiple aircraft “Pelican Case” and photos of the unidentified craft.

Click Here to Learn More About Bermudez’ Report and UFO Disclosure in Chile


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