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What Are They Afraid Of? (Gladwell, Lehrer, and a Case of the Scientific Heebie-Jeebies)

I’m a big fan of Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink: the Power of Thinking Without Thinking and the new book by Jonah Lehrer, Imagine: How Creativity Works. Both of the authors bring a lot of new research out about the the innate … Continue reading

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First British Crop Circle of 2012, Wiltshire


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Crop Circles and Creativity (and what keeps me going back)

People often ask me why I continue to study crop circles year after year. The truth is, the crop circle phenomenon is one most inspiring and creativity-enhancing subjects I’ve ever come across. The designs are beautiful: some mathematically complex and … Continue reading

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Forbidden Science

I’m currently re-reading this excellent book, Forbidden Science, by Richard Milton who looks at the hostility of mainstream, institutionalized science to new inventions and technologies. We’re not talking about anything far out by today’s standards but everything from lightbulbs to … Continue reading

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What is Hyper Intuition?

Hyper Intuition™ is process whereby a person can, using specific training techniques, gain access to more information, creativity, and insight than is normally available to their physical senses. It can be thought of as the “sweet spot” between remote viewing … Continue reading

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