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The User Illusion

Hey, here’s the excellent book, The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size by Tor Norrestranders that I mentioned in my previous post. All I have to say it, READ THIS BOOK. It offers a lot of insight into how your mind really works. Also, you might enjoy the concise and poignant New York Times review (1998) of this book.

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Where is Your Subconscious Mind? (surprise!)

If you like this sort of thing, you may also enjoy


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Over 600K Views on YouTube

Hey, thanks for all your interest in New Crystal Mind and all my videos on YouTube. We just went over 600,000 views! When I posted my first video there in 2008, I never imagined there would be this much interest in remote viewing, human intuition, creativity, neuroscience, crop circles, and new energy technologies. Thanks again everyone and keep watching. More fascinating and helpful information is coming your way.

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Remote Viewers Help Investigators Solve California Case

Angela Thompson Smith

Angela Thompson Smith

A team of remote viewers led by Angela Thompson Smith correctly provided California police with the location of a missing person and the location of the lead suspect, who has since been convicted of his death. Way to go remote viewers!

Remote Viewers Help Solve California Missing Person’s Case

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Test Pilots Wanted!

Hey, I’ve just finished working on my Virtual Viewing Insight class. You know: It’s all about activating your subtle perceptions and hyper intuitive abilities to get better results and make better decisions. It’s like tapping into your “super mind” as I call it.

And it can really do wonders for your natural creativity.

If you would like to help me test it click here. It would really help me out a lot to get your comments. It takes about a week to go through. Thanks!

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