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Crop Formation Near West Woods, July 26th, 2012

See more photos of this weird looking formation at and at the Crop Circle Connector:  

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Latest Crop Circle from the U.K.

You can read and see more about this formation near Yatesbury, Wiltshire here:

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Where is the Unknown? (closer than you think)

Is the universe random or orderly? In this video, Simeon explains why randomness is closer than you think. The books mentioned are Meta Math!: the Quest for Omega by Gregory Chaitin and David Disalvo’s What Makes Your Brain Happy and … Continue reading

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Mel Robbins–Secret of The “Five Second Rule”

The idea is very similar to what we learned to call the “three second rule” in remote viewing training. The rule is simple. If you get an impression, perception, or idea while doing a viewing session, you need to write … Continue reading

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Premium Crop Circle Tours–July 2013

If you’d like your own private crop circle tour in the U.K., for up to three people, July 29th–Aug. 2nd, contact Simeon. We’ll visit sacred sites in Wiltshire, U.K, including Avebury, crop circles, complimentary remote viewing or Chi Kung energy … Continue reading

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