A Tale of Two Disclosures

ufozoomI really enjoyed the informative and well-organized ET Disclosure event from Toronto on February 7th. We heard from three well-qualified people including former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer, researcher Grant Cameron (PresidentialUFO.com) and political activist Stephen Bassett. (Watch the replay here if you missed it.)

This event was the opening salvo is a series of Disclosure events this year. In a few months we’ll have Bassett’s five-day Citizen’s UFO Hearings in Washington, D.C. (citizenhearing.org) which is open to the public, April 29th-May 3rd, 2013. There will be at least thirty witnesses and five retired congressmen in these “mock congressional hearings” which will be streamed live on the internet in several languages.  The goal is to create create a media “feeding frenzy” in Stephen Bassett’s words and to finally focus the type of attention on this subject that is truly deserves.

I’m all for this open type of disclosure at a political level. It’s necessary, important, and long overdo. But I’d also like to remind you that there is a second type of disclosure that is equally important. This is what I like to call the “inner disclosure” because it has to do with more with your level mental and spiritual development with regard to the implications of the existence of ET’s. Basically, the degree to which you personally are capable and comfortable with going into your own “unknown” when approaching this extraordinary topic. Are you going to “freak out” or “freak in” when this topic comes to the forefront?  Because Disclosure is likely to increase or amp up whatever you’re feeling now. By a few magnitudes at least.

This is one of my main motivations in teaching Resonant Viewing and related techniques: to help people learn to navigate their own “internal unknown.” By this I mean aspects of your own mind and awareness that you may be less familiar with. To make it a friend, rather than keeping it a stranger. To discover your own “inner alien” so to speak, so you can contact the “outer one” later on.

Each of us has to come to terms with being “Galactic Citizens” in the near future. That means a higher level of public participation in the disclosure process but also a whole range of personal adjustment with what it feels like to be part of a galactic community. So I recommend you spend some of your time and personal resources with this aspect of disclosure too. That way, whatever happens over the next decade or so will feel like less of shock to and more of launching point to your greater potential.

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11 Responses to A Tale of Two Disclosures

  1. Stop The Noise says:

    Stop making assumptions about where we’re heading to and when it’s happening. Nobody knows and nor should it be something you “must” prepare for as it has nothing to do with the moment of now.

    We have LOTS of matters to think about and to work on, ET or no ET’s, it makes no difference to what we are and what we will become as EVERYONE is a UNIVERSAL citizen, wether there’s life on other planets or not.

    You guys spend so much effort in trying to “disclose” alien life and anyone who uses their brain knows that they exist, in all forms, with many even looking exactly like us.

    However, THEY have their own evolutionary process, hence the reason why they are there and we are here.

    Also, you make it seem like this event is a political announcement coming from the chiefs in demand but thats so far from the truth. They have no intentions to do that and nor do I think the world is ready for that.

    Who cares if it takes 10, 20 or 100 years before every earthling knows of outer-space civilisations because it must not be seen as “rescue” from our current situation.

    It is as if you demand the ice bears to know about monkeys and the lions to know about dolphins. Each specie lives NOW and MUST evolve naturally without cheating.

    • Au Contraire ! Open The Box ! says:

      The individual who commented above made some genuinely good points… but, then sort of squelched it towards the end… by placing his or herself in the omnipotent position of speaking for the whole the world. There is no one person who can say: “The world is not ready for UFO or Alien Disclosure”.

      Speak for yourself, not for all of mankind.

      However… while we are presenting personal, subjective opinions…. I will present some of mine–
      The old saying is a truism: “Knowledge is Power”. The TRUTH should be known by ALL… not just by the elite few. There is a small percentage who desire to keep the power to themselves by withholding the truth from the many, in order to protect their own agenda. My question is: “Who the hell put these people in charge of planet Earth and the rest of us ??!!” So let’s get a clear picture concerning what exactly is CHEATING in this particular context ??!! I submit that CHEATING… is preventing and disrupting the natural process of growth and development by withholding truth and vital knowledge from the masses. Homo-sapiens cannot be compared to ice bears, monkeys, lions, and dolphins. While they are wonderful species… and intelligent in their own right… the human mind is inherently more advanced and complex. There is nothing enlightened…or “illuminated” about a select few… keeping the many in the dark ! It is a twisted, selfish, backwards, archaic scenario… which must be transformed, for the betterment of mankind and the safe keeping of our planet. Transparency, knowledge and education are beneficial for the natural progression of our civilization. The elite who think otherwise are liken to parasites… who live and thrive at the expense of the host (the majority of us). Long Live Democracy, Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Disclosure is vital… in both government and industry, especially in a Country that was founded “by the people, of the people, FOR the people.” Blessings, Truth, Knowledge, Freedom, Healing and Abundance To ALL of Mankind– So Be It. I support Simeon Hein’s efforts and all those who are working towards the official government disclosure on the subject of UFO’s and Extra-terrestrial Life. It’s Time… To Open The Box !

    • Simeon Hein says:

      Hi, I appreciate your comment but I believe you’re missing the point. This isn’t about the Visitors: it’s about us and our way of life. Do you believe in open and transparent government? Or do you want to remain as a little child to a parent? The only assumption I’m making here is that a Democratic Republic MUST have some open process to discuss important issues like this one. The motto of the Citizen Hearing is simple: “If the Congress won’t do its job, the people will.” Either you agree or you don’t. This might not be the cosmic watergate some suspect it is, but without open hearings, we’ll never know. In short, democracy is not a spectator sport.

      As far as the ET’s go, neither you nor I know much about them yet. But whether UFOs exist or not, at this point, is beyond debate. As Paul Hellyer, former Defense Minister of Canada recently said: “It’s not about the existence of UFOs above, it’s about the lies below.” I also suggest you take a look at some of historian Richard Dolan’s books about the subject, like the recently published After Disclosure.

      Your analogy to “ice bears and monkeys” is also making some unquestioned assumptions. Do you know for sure whether the Visitors are another species or not? Do they possibly come from Earth? Or the future? Or somewhere else? Are they really “there” as you say, or “here”? How do you know? Only hard evidence will help us answer these questions. And at the moment, that kind of info can only come from our government unless you are privy to another source.

  2. bestearth says:

    I hope it helps , sprukers are everywhere so are spinners

  3. Z-11 says:

    Hi i appreciate all efforts by everyone to “open the box”, and give my full support. As the person above mentioned that we are not ready i would like to ask for your opinion on what would happen when masses get conformation that they were used like lab mice for thousands of years? What would happen when we do get answers why, who and how about: drugs, arms dealing, organs trafficking, pedophilia, missing children, wars, banking, education, media, religion… pretty much everything in our life??

    Is a lamb going to remain silent and calm? I don’t think so…my experience tells me very much different scenario.

    Having said this i am not fan of sorting things out behind closed doors, either. How do “we” know that people who represent us wont change their mind once they realize what really is behind closed doors. Trow us a sweety and we all suppose to be happy?!

  4. Amy O neg says:

    If ten strands of DNA the greys took out,how can we “EVOLVE” or understand the greatness here?Are we ready,maybe some of us,but the rest of the public,they will be afraid of the truth!

  5. Amy O neg says:

    IF they have been here all this time,our ancestors knew about them,what is discloser going to do ? Just thoughts…

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