Boulder Flood and Planetary Intelligence I [the wisdom of the lone tree]

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5 Responses to Boulder Flood and Planetary Intelligence I [the wisdom of the lone tree]

  1. Laurie Jean says:

    I’ve read both of your books Dr. Hein. Thank you once again for pointing out how we overlook and most of the time take for granted the natural order in nature. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy Cordova says:

    Thanks, Simeon. The challenge to us as humans is to wake and begin to truly see. I appreciate your reminder of the magnificence of how Nature’s design adapts and protects. I have read a few articles that point to fracking in Colorado for much of the deep disruption of the Earth , and as a response, has caused so much devastation, from the floods. Wonder what you think?

  3. John Guilfoyle says:

    typical example of man’s arrogance and ignorance..and the consequent loss of the ability to communicate with other life forms…to people who now live chained to this illusory system of belief, our other residents must view as zombies…and matters such as these are the…ingo swann communicated with plants…we all can, the trick is to listen..and that can be accomplished in many ways..sight, thought etc., ..until u have sensed this, it is a very difficult thought to convey..because u have to , somehow, tenderly side step the mechanisms of people’s belief structures..and sadly, most have been led astray and have been taught [conditioned] that to contemplate is to be idle and the last thing a slave owner desires is an idle [free thinking] the end, it is up to the individual to dare to dream …and then to forge that dream into a structured reality..shhh..listen to your self…u will learn something..and then u will be able to sense the intelligence imbedded in all life force..then u will sense the energy which surrounds us all…peace;)