What Really Happened at Roswell? (Part I)

Watch video on YouTube.

Here’s my take on what really happened at Roswell, NM, in July, 1947 and why some of the “official” explanations don’t fit with witness descriptions. Also see my previous post and tribute to Jesse Marcel, Jr.,


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  2. Rod says:

    Nice contrast of the believable and the aging questionable (official story). Are you sharing this because many stil believe the “aging questionable”?

    • SimeonHein says:

      It’s more that a lot of the pieces of the puzzle have come together for me from attending the Citizen Hearing in person. Jesse Marcel, Jr., was there and many other credible witnesses. It makes an impact on you and a sense of conviction and destiny about it that makes me want to share some of it with you.

      • Rod says:

        I suspect that many have similarly combined the pieces of this puzzle but from different sources and perspectives. The importance of explaining the Roswell past seems to be fading as the necessity of preparing for alien contact and interaction increases. Is it my misperception that governments still fear – even resist – such candid preparation?

  3. josef says:

    I don`t doubt the ET contact. What the RV says?

    I grew up in communism and I am used to look for my own true.

    The question for me is what has change that I am able watch this video.

    • SimeonHein says:

      Thanks Josef, I’ve thought for a long time that we’re entering a new era of Disclosure. You can’t hide the truth forever. And it has big implications for all of us, in ways we don’t even yet understand.

    • A. The other beings are probably either scared to interfere, not that Earths military intimidates them, more of a danger to ourselves than anything…

      B. or the aliens know we are totally not ready for contact of any kind.
      C. It’s all fake so the government can pretend to be the aliens, scaring the hell out of everyone into giving up more liberty. (Uncle sam, save us, please!!)
      D. the gov. knows and has been working with alien tech. for sometime.
      either way, this subject is always touchy with the feds. and they lie.

  4. genisepark says:

    Wow that was really interesting! I wonder if the guard is still alive and has a story to tell. Thank-you for sharing this bit of information with everyone and how weird is it that you came upon her.

    • SimeonHein says:

      You know, there is another guard who remembers being told, in the most serious way possible, to guard the warehouse with debris at Roswell during that week. I’ll have info about him in the Part II video.

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  6. Not far from Roswell, there’s a little town in New mexico Called Taos…I’ve been there twice in my life, beautiful place, rich in history etc.etc…They claim some residents can hear a strange Hum. They call it the Taos Hum. And there’s a lot of UFO activity in Taos.
    the elevation of Taos is like, 7,000 ft….you can see the stars very well. (VERY well)
    They keep us focused on Roswell…we need to look at other places, listen to stories from
    different parts of the world, what are they seeing? Will it be censored? We can’t be the only beings in the cosmos?? (“that’s impossible.” Says the late great Dr. Sagan)