I handled a piece of Roswell wreckage

Read this excellent article by A. Bragalia about the evidence for the debris and witnesses to the event. Remember, we’re talking about a second crash site here, to the West of Roswell.

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5 Responses to I handled a piece of Roswell wreckage

  1. Rich says:

    Bob Lazar also claimed that the door opening to the UFO “sport model” was honey combed shaped(pattern) also… And that upon touching it the honeycombed shape door would somehow disassemble … ??? Interesting

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Simeon, wonderful video. I love the matter of fact way you handle this challenging subject!

  3. Williame Yolande says:

    Hi Simeon, thanks for sharing this, I do believe something happened in 1947, you know where there is smoke there is a fire
    altough I live far away from you I always read your interesting mails and amazing video’s