Is Cold Fusion Real? New Research Says “Yes”!

New research by Dr. Vittorio Violante and others at Italy’s ENEA shows that Cold Fusion is real. The resonance of the materials affects whether a nuclear reaction occurs or not, once a Cold Fusion apparatus is set up. Adding Rhodium or Platinum to the Palladium metal changes its surface morphology and keeps the reaction generating lots of excess heat. Fascinating! (This isn’t the first time that Scientific American and the New York Times were wrong!!)

If you want to stay informed about LENR, as it’s now known (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction), one of my favorite sites is, home to news about the E-Cat, a new energy device related to Cold Fusion. You can see a post of this video on the site.


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6 Responses to Is Cold Fusion Real? New Research Says “Yes”!

  1. John Guilfoyle says:

    excellent post..many thanks, particularly appreciate your slant ..

    • SimeonHein says:

      You’re very welcome. More to come . . .

      • John Guilfoyle says:

        ha, just had an email from u, but it disappeared..all i can recall seeing was it may not be what you think..that was the second part of the subject..went to click email told me i had to log in email..another was in its place from take part..perhaps it will reappear..just came back in from checking out the night sky…got a nice response to my thought..the light expanding in dimension and brightness,,then fading..don’t know y i occasionally ask..they must wonder if i suffer from senile dementia or some sort of malady or am just forgetful or looking to be…

  2. ahhh…the search for absolute zero!! (awesome vid Dr.Hein) It’s funny when skeptics are proven wrong…a rather slanderous group of closed minded self ego driven bouche dags. and no…they don’t mean well. they try to tear down ideas. skeptics need to listen.

    • SimeonHein says:

      Yes, A.J., they really got it wrong this time! I can’t tell if they are just lazy or what, but it took some old-fashioned detective work to figure out the right elements to make Cold Fusion work. But there’s no question that it works.

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