Is this proof of extraterrestrial life?

Dr. Richard Hoover interview

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3 Responses to Is this proof of extraterrestrial life?

  1. frank g says:

    have to agree FOSSIL’S in any extraterrestrial rock- specially MARS had/has water based life forms ! The Planet was hit by something huge that must have took some of the atmosphere (burned up?) when the impact happened. Could have been one of the moons of Niburu? Whatever it was it was HUGE! The scar across the planet of Mars is even visible by naked eye from Earth, so what could it have been? YES life has to exist, it is absurd to think life does not exist even that close to Earth! Even one Earth we are discovering new types of life forms all the time as 200 go extinct every 3-4 months at the hand of man. NASA & then Men in BLACK have known for yrs. Only the under privileged like us, don’t know we have to read between their unsightly mistakes or slip ups like Lunar lander pictures, that one was easy after all the technology we have today surpassed the 1970’s whited out pictures. YES there is life out there!

  2. Jon N says:

    Thanks for that. Very interesting.