New Data Say “Yes” to Fractal Multiverse!


This is a HUGE discovery. It opens the door for all sorts of new discoveries and in my mind it creates a new opportunities for learning about things like Resonant Viewing, Human Fusion, and related phenomena. Please see my previous post for more details.

If you’re ready to explore YOUR multiverses, check out my Human Fusion class, where we explore your parallel realities and future possibilities to maximize your personal creativity. Space is limited so you’ll need to fill out the survey to get started.

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11 Responses to New Data Say “Yes” to Fractal Multiverse!

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  2. Awesome, and thanks for the e-mail update. Our perception of these worlds, come in so many forms. And they really relate to Kabbalah and Phi, and many other ancient beliefs. There are numerical similarities and qualities to the shape of our galaxy, relevant to the golden ratio…fractals are a part of this. 1.6180339887. goes on for ever!!!!!(fractals)
    Like our imagination, or visualization, or OBE, and Remote Viewing…our thoughts and dreams exist on such a personal level, that we dismiss them, or don’t take it seriously.
    Imagine our thoughts as fractals…the mind, generating fractals of information, generating and deciphering informational fractals, at the speed of light/ shadow…like it’s all being simulated…and everytime we wake up, it’s more of a re-boot…the whole of creation then comes into being…fractals of a second.

  3. wait a minute…does, “fractals of a second,” mean anything? I might have to re-think it.

  4. Maria says:

    There was no link to do the survey, so does that mean you have all you need for the Human Fusion class?

  5. John Guilfoyle says:

    nice bit of music at the end..brought to mind midnight rider…hope u r near a precinct and not the subject of some massive manhattan man hunt…mad hatter at large…last seen black car in the near mid is of particular interest..ahh, fractals…thanks for that..i enjoy tuning into your vids because u always seem to delve into realms that i have done as exhaustive research as tools and material allow me…keep at it doc..the panorama of horizons are spectacular…i keep expecting to see someone i will recognize in the background…peace;)

  6. John Guilfoyle says:

    oh, lest i forget….your hands ..are u speaking with them? mudras flashed in my mind’s eye through your hands..just curious as to whether that is intentional…peace..and blessings