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Witness videos now available for Black Swan Ghosts

Peter the jockey recounts an amazing contact story

Louise Voves–Encountered flying disc and later, US military, while picking huckleberries

I’ve added in videos for four of the witnesses in Black Swan GhostsIf you purchased any of the ebook versions you’ll find these at the end of each chapter, if the video is available. BSG is now on iBooks.  On the videos you’ll hear and see:

  • Peter the jockey in the UK talk about one of the most extraordinary encounters I’ve ever heard followed by a strange phone call and a secret “meeting” with an unknown high-level government group that wanted to know everything . . . in a pub!
  • Louise tells of seeing a flying disc overhead while picking huckleberries with her brother only to watch a convoy of US Army trucks arrive, seal off the area, ask them what they had seen, and then tell them to leave the area . . .
  • Joy tells a bizarre story of missing time with a friend, a suddenly stalled car, and a vast, mysterious bright light overhead near Mt. St. Helens.
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Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle

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Pilot tells of UFO over Loring AFB 1975

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Waden Hill, nr. Avebury, Wiltshire UK. Reported 4.22.17

Waden Hill, nr. Avebury, Wiltshire UK. Reported 4.22.17

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The new film “Unacknowledged: An Expose of The World’s Greatest Secret” by Dr. Steven Greer will be available May 9th. This film looks at our society’s ruthless suppression and distortion of public information about UFOs and alleged ET contact. It also examines the role of special access projects (SAPS) in perpetuating the coverup.

You can watch the trailer now (viewable in iTunes) and order your copy on iTunes. You can also pre-order the book and “Unacknowledged” collectibles. Features eyewitness interviews with retired individuals and former officials from many US military, intelligence, and space agencies.

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First UK crop circle of the year! Cherhill


Drone video by Matt Williams Full size 360 photo
Find Matt on Facebook at Masters of Crop Circle 360 VR

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Crop Circle Interview

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Crop Circle Tour 2017

I saw three electronic devices fail within 10 minutes inside this crop circle, Fyfield Down 1999.

Our crop circle tour in the UK is happening this year, Saturday, July 22nd – 29th. We’ll be visiting Avebury, sacred sites, Stonehenge, the Roman town of Bath, and lots of crop circles. First class accommodations, great pubs, and lots of fun guaranteed! You can find out more information and all the details at You get to experience all of the following and more:

  • ancient stone circles
  • the world’s best crop circles
  • great pubs and food
  • first class accommodations
  • microlight flights over the circles!

We’ve witnessed lots of unexplained and truly weird camera and battery failure over the past years in and around crop circles. You can see some of these incidents captured on video at the Crop circle weirdness Youtube playlist.

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Lori’s Human Fusion experience

Learn more at

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Military has new name for remote viewing: “sensemaking”

Here’s a recent article from Time magazine on the US military’s new angle on training human intuition to work on the battlefield. Soldiers are now encouraged to develop their “spidey senses.” The article also mentions viewer Joe McMoneagle and John Alexander.
US Navy program in sensemaking, intuition, and the sixth sense

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