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Black Swan Ghosts

What happens when you talk about something so controversial it can destroy your career? This book contains witness accounts of unexplainable aerial craft, technology and humanoids so real it could change your view of our universe forever! Now includes links … Continue reading

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Viewing Intensive Webinar

If you’re free tomorrow evening on Labor Day, Sept 4th, at 8 PM EST, I’ll be doing a Viewing Intensive training webinar for you. We’ll see how RV works, learn some of the histories of the phenomena, and then do some real practice! … Continue reading

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Supernatural Girlz Radio interview replays

Here’s the replay of my recent interview, Aug. 30th, with Patricia Baker of  Supernatural Girlz Radio about Black Swan Ghosts and UFOs. Supernatural Girls Radio video replay Audio only replay (download)

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Can the paranormal make you ill?

Illness And The World Of The Supernatural This article suggests that contact with “Men in Black” can make you ill. But perhaps it’s the other way around: maybe illness allows for contact with other realities and you’re getting a warning … Continue reading

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Supernatural Girlz Radio

Don’t miss my interview with Patricia Baker of Supernatural Girlz Radio, Wednesday, Aug. 30th at 7:30 PM EST. We’ll be talking about one of my favorite subjects: alien encounters and Black Swan Ghosts! Instructions how to listen live on on … Continue reading

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UFO Encounter by English Woman in Staffordshire, England–1954

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Ron’s supporting witness info for Paul and Sonya’s ET encounter on Silbury Hill

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It Never Happened

 It Never Happened, a new book by Capt. David D. Schindele (retired) about the Air Force UFO coverup and his strange and unexpected experience while working as a Launch Control Officer at Minot AFB in 1966. Schindele was a witness … Continue reading

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Non-Duality with Russell Targ

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“Rockstars, Resonance, and the Multiverse” webinar replay

I’ll be doing a free RV webinar replay this Thursday, July 6th at 7PM EST. We’ll look at some of the basics of how RV works, some of the new Multiverse ideas behind it, and then we’ll do some practice sessions. Now … Continue reading

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