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Brean Beach Merkabah

merkabah Brean beach 3

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Meditation shown to have beneficial epigenetic effects

images2This is quite amazing information. It’s an article in New Scientist magazine detailing brand new research by Herbert Benson at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston showing the beneficial epigenetic effects of daily meditation on cellular respiration, insulin production, and cellular aging. The original article is at PLoS One,

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Is Daydreaming Good for You? Yes, Here’s Why.

daydreamIs mind wandering good for you? It appears now that daydreaming has many positive functions in relationship to our creativity. People who daydream can solve many types of problems faster than people who are more focused. Recent research about a mysterious region of the brain known as the “default network”, shows that it’s most active when we’re daydreaming or unfocused.  It is essential to sorting through memories and possibly one source of our creativity.

But it’s not just that these parts of the brain are active only while the so-called focused executive brain, the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, is not.  Rather these two parts of our brain work in tandem while we are daydreaming, possibly so you remain aware of good ideas that surface while daydreaming. So one part of our brain is daydreaming while another part keeps track about what we’re daydreaming about! This may be the essence of strong creativity. (From New Scientist Magazine, June 16, 2012)

I found it especially interesting that people who are slightly inebriated, on alcohol in this case, were more creative and solved word problems faster than sober people.

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Bob Dylan on Gut Feelings

“When you feel in your gut what you are and then dynamically pursue it—and don’t back down and don’t give up—then you’re going to mystify a lot of folks”. —Bob Dylan

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What I’m reading now — Wait by Frank Partnoy

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay by Frank Partnoy is an excellent discussion of the why going faster isn’t always better. We’ve all been absorbed into a modern nanoculture “cult of speed” and this book shows us why it may be better to slow down. The author illustrates the book with numerous examples from diverse activities and occupations including sports, stock trading, and dating as to why going slower is often more effective than going faster. There are a lot of supporting studies and info in this book and it reflects many similar points I made in Opening Minds. Highly recommended. (BTW, I’ve been reading this on my Nook ereader.)

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Intuition is Surprisingly Accurate

A new study from researchers at the University of Tel Aviv finds that intuition is surprisingly accurate. Read the article here.

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Free Live Webinar with Simeon

Dr. Simeon Hein

Hi, I’m having a free webinar with Q&A about “Discovering Your Creative Intelligence” this Friday, November 16th at 10 AM PST. We’ll have time for questions at the end too. See the short trailer here. Among the topics we’ll be covering include:

  • how to tap your natural super intelligence
  • how to get in touch with higher mind, intuition, and gut feelings
  • how to get the most out of remote viewing (probably not what you think!)
  • how to get your “future self” to help you with challenges you have right now
  • and much more!!

This live webinar will go for at least two hours. This is content that most speakers and gurus would charge a lot for. But for you it’s FREE. Hope you can make it. The next one is scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 29th at 9 PM EST.

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Going Into The Void

Hey, have you ever wondered about  your relationship with the “unknown”?

Yes, I’m being completely serious here. Do you feel afraid or excited when you think about this idea?

How do you navigate a space you’ve never experienced before? What are the ways of dealing with a new area in your life? Something you know little about, but feel interested in or drawn to.

Well, one of the lessons I’ve learned from remote viewing
and related subjects is that there is actually a structure to the unknown.

Yes, even infinite spaces have a structure!!! A structure
you can navigate.

It’s like exploring a room in the dark. You may not see what’s
there, but you can feel your way around and eventually get
a mental map of the place.

This is what I call the “Architecture of the Unknown.”

It’s not something your ordinary conscious mind can understand.
But you CAN get the feeling for it, using your intuition.

By exercising your intuition on a regular basis, with practice
you’ll get better at it.

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Where is the Unknown? (closer than you think)

Meta MathIs the universe random or orderly? In this video, Simeon explains why randomness is closer than you think. The books mentioned are Meta Math!: the Quest for Omega by Gregory Chaitin and David Disalvo’s What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite.

(Sorry for the fuzzy video quality.)


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The User Illusion

Hey, here’s the excellent book, The User Illusion: Cutting Consciousness Down to Size by Tor Norrestranders that I mentioned in my previous post. All I have to say it, READ THIS BOOK. It offers a lot of insight into how your mind really works. Also, you might enjoy the concise and poignant New York Times review (1998) of this book.

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