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Crystalline Crop Circles HD

Here’s an updated version of my “Crystalline Crop Circles” video with a higher resolution and some new photos. Enjoy! If you want to see some of this amazing artwork for yourself, join us this summer on our next Crop Circle Tour sponsored by the non-profit Institute for Resonance. (“Moon Walk” song by Simeon).

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Crop Circle Appears in Salinas, CA

What are the aliens telling us now:)?
UPDATE: Here are the aliens who did made it.

If you want to learn more about these mysterious
patterns, join us in England this July for our
annual Crop Circle Tour.

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The Mystery of Merlin’s Mound

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Premium Crop Circle Tours–July 2013

If you’d like your own private crop circle tour in the U.K., for up to three people, July 29th–Aug. 2nd, contact Simeon. We’ll visit sacred sites in Wiltshire, U.K, including Avebury, crop circles, complimentary remote viewing or Chi Kung energy training, microlight flights over the crop circles, and time with local guest experts. Call 415-413-8052 or use the contact form above. Space is very limited. Other options include side trips to Salisbury and Stonehenge. Tours last one to three days. Please fill out this short Crop Circle Tour Application so we can get to know you better, if you are interested. Then look at the Premium Crop Circle Tour Details page.

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Crop Circles and Creativity (and what keeps me going back)

People often ask me why I continue to study crop circles year after year. The truth is, the crop circle phenomenon is one most inspiring and creativity-enhancing subjects I’ve ever come across. The designs are beautiful: some mathematically complex and some simple. But when you perceive them in their natural landscape, it strikes a chord (so to speak) in your awareness. Whether they are manmade or not, doesn’t matter to me: we’ve seen strange effects on our cameras and batteries in, or flying over, our own experimental formations. Yes, the batteries or cameras just stop working or malfunction in inexplicable ways. These patterns continue to push my mind to new places that it ordinarily wouldn’t go. And consider possibilities I hadn’t ever considered before.   And that, in itself, is why I keep going back.

Learn more about the crop circle tour this summer with Simeon

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New Simeon Hein Radio Interview with OffPlanet Radio

Here’s my latest radio interview with Randy Maugans of OffPlanet Radio. We covered everything from resonance and the quantum vacuum state to crop circles and ET’s. Features some great bumper music with my original guitar tunes:)

Part I

Link to Part I details

Part II

Link to Part II details

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Wild Crop Circle Tour for July 2012

Click here to learn more about the Crop Circle Tour, 2012

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New Crop Circle Interview–Secrets Revealed!

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Another Camera Failure in a Crop Circle–East Kennett, July 2011

We sometimes see this type of unexplained electronic equipment failure as we visit the U.K. crop circles with our tour group. The camera affected this time is a new Canon Rebel EOs T2i in the East Kennett formation. It lost it’s ability to focus as the person stepped into the formation, then it completely lost power for a few minutes.  A few hours later it had completely recovered. (My camera video recorder also failed briefly as I attempted to record this anomalous event.)

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New Crop Circles 2011

  Some really nice formations have appeared over the past week at Milk Hill and Barbury Castle. We hope to visit these crop circles soon on our upcoming tour and research intensive. Contact us if you are interested in join Colin Andrews and myself as delve deeper into the mystery. (Thanks to Oliver Morel for the photos.)

Click the following links for more photos: Milk Hill Barbury Castle

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