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Mystery of Ancient Landmarks, Extraterrestrials, and Crop Circles

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Dr. Roger K. Leir (1934-2014)

Dr. Roger K. Leir was a pioneer in the field of implant removal which third party testing by many well-known metallurgical labs revealed to be extraterrestrial in origin. He also did remarkable research into the Varginha, Brazil 1996 UFO incident.  I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting Roger many times over the years at various conferences mostly recently at the Citizen Hearing for Disclosure in Washington, D. C. in April 2013. He told me that most recent isotopic analysis of the implants implied that that they are created by a civilization perhaps one million years more advanced than our own. I’ll really miss Roger’s presentations and his wry sense of humor. Visit his website at

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Is this proof of extraterrestrial life?

Dr. Richard Hoover interview

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I handled a piece of Roswell wreckage

Read this excellent article by A. Bragalia about the evidence for the debris and witnesses to the event. Remember, we’re talking about a second crash site here, to the West of Roswell.

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Brazil’s UFO Files

Brazil’s government and military are opening up about the UFO subject sharing files and information with the public and research organizations.

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What Really Happened to the Roswell Wreckage?

9781601632364_3dHere’s an excellent new book by researchers Don Schmitt and Tom Carey, Inside the Real Area 51, about witnesses at Wright-Patterson air base in Ohio who saw and handled crash wreckage and alien bodies from the Roswell crashes in the late 40’s and early 50’s. Full of new, solid witness testimony from people you might not have heard about before.

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What Really Happened at Roswell? (Part I)

Watch video on YouTube.

Here’s my take on what really happened at Roswell, NM, in July, 1947 and why some of the “official” explanations don’t fit with witness descriptions. Also see my previous post and tribute to Jesse Marcel, Jr.,


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Silbury Hill and Extraterrestrial Encounters

Here’s my report on the hill that inspired Peter Gabriel to write his famous, eponymous song.

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Another Superficial UFO Blog Piece by the Washington Post

imagesThis article, another by the Washington Post in response to the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, is more of the same superficial, nonsense they have recently published on the subject. They basically blow the topic off as a psychological disorder. Hey guys, did you forget to mention the mountains of radar and physical trace evidence that are also associated with these type of sightings? Do you think the military put people with schizophrenia and other mental disorders in charge of aircraft carriers, fighter planes, and nuclear missile launch facilities? What are these military personal seeing out there? Take a look at the evidence for a change (if you are capable of it). It’s not fear that drives belief in aliens: it’s fear that creates denialist arguments like those in this article.

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Evidence of Extraterrestrial Telepathy Presented at Citizen Hearing

You may also be interested in the UFO Witness Declaration


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