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Very Good Stuff–“Secret of Deliberate Creation”

I’ve received some great comments from people who’ve listened to this audio book by Dr. Robert Anthony. People I’ve shown this too have told me it’s one of the best things they’ve ever heard, on the subject of creating a better life for yourself.

I’ve learned a ton from it and the information is valuable if you want to understand your thinking process, your inner dialogue “self-talk” and improve your overall well-being.

It’s one of my favorite audio books, by Dr. Robert Anthony, a psychiatrist and self-help specialist. And if I had to pick one audio book to go with me on a long voyage, this would be it. Click Here to Learn More. It teaches you all sorts of cool stuff!

I don’t do this very often, recommend a product, but this material is very powerful. And it’s very affordable too! So I wanted to let you know about it. (It’s so good, it’s now part of my Creative Intelligence/Human Fusion class.) And you get some very cool bonuses like the eBook Beyond Positive Thinking and several others. You can’t lose with this deal!

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Oops! Server Crash

Thanks so much for your interest in my virtual viewing
master class a few days ago. In fact, so many people tried to
watch the video, that the server crashed, and even I
couldn’t get on the page for a while!

**Big time bummer!**

So if you tried to take a look and it didn’t work. Sorry!
I should have reserved more server bandwidth. My goof:)

Anyway, it’s all good now. Just to make up for it,
I’m sending you a link to the page you might
have tried to access but couldn’t.

This is an advanced viewing class and NOT for everyone.
It’s the real thing. It will take some time to master these
innovative techniques. But it’s worth it. You’ll see and sense
more of what’s around you. And what’s coming from the future.

So if you want to seriously expand your perceptual boundaries
and sharpen your mind with these advanced viewing techniques,
this training course might be your ticket to a new you.

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John Assaraf Shares Some Wisdom About Resonance and Manifesting

John Assaraf, from the movie “The Secret,” shares the secret to making the changes you want in your life. The vision has to come first, the resonance follows afterwords and attracts more of what you are already envisioning. Simple. Another contribution that John makes here is showing the connection between our physical mind and the unseen world of subtle-energy processes that our senses can’t perceive.

John Assaraf Video 2


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Are You Ready to Completely Tap Into Your Innate Natural Mind Powers?

Do you believe you have “hidden” untapped abilities that you haven’t completely made use of? Do you ever feel you could be doing better and achieve more in your job, relationships, and everyday life. Do you want to have more success in whatever you do?


Many prominent thinkers like Albert Einstein, Napolean Hill, Deepak Chopra and many others have talked about the fields of “energy and intelligence” that surround us all. My new training program teaches you how to totally access your full intelligence by harnessing the natural energy fields of the universe and creating more synchronicity in your life. This weekly group coaching program is designed to help you maximize your ability to succeed in any environment, by tapping into the parallel realities that are all around you.

So you can get results RIGHT NOW.

You might have seen these types of ideas in the TV shows “Fringe” and “Star Trek” Well, this isn’t just science fiction. It’s real! And now it’s available to you. Click below to find out more!

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What is an “Aerostructure” (and why it matters to you)


What is an “aerostructure” and why should you care?

Let me explain.
(And I am not referring here to aircraft frames!)

Aerostructures, as I think of them, are physical objects, energy processes, and vibrational systems that act as a bridge between the invisible quantum reality we can’t see and the physical reality that we perceive with our senses. It’s an interface, a transitional space, that allows energy to be “stepped down” in frequency from a lighter density to a heavier one: from energy to matter, for example. So it’s a physical or vibrational pattern that allows energy and matter to change frequencies.

(Bare with me here, I promise this will make sense.)

Aerostructures exist in both physical and energetic forms. As physical objects, they often have an increasingly fine or detailed pattern at their boundaries so that they interface with their environments in a very graphically complex way.

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“Ball of Light” Passes Near Simeon Hein, Fosbury Crop Circle 2010

Videographer Arvy’das Kizevicius allegedly videotaped a “ball of light” passing near Simeon Hein in the Fosbury 2010 formation. At the time I was doing the Standing Tree Meditation near the center of the formation. It was my intent at the time to bring energy into the formation using this Taoist meditation technique. Perhaps it worked! The object appears to enter the formation from the left and move across to the center. However, I didn’t see anything while standing there, nor did anyone else (there were several people there) at the time, leading me to believe that Mr. Kizevicius most likely captured a bird, insect, or flying debris very near to his camera. My companion a few feet away, facing me, didn’t see anything either so whatever he videotaped must be closer to his camera lens than it was to us.

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How to Think and Grow Rich

goldThink and Grow Rich, a classic text by Napoleon Hill, has been studied and talked about by success coaches and motivational speakers for generations. It’s influenced countless numbers of others. Hill was originally commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in the 1930’s to study successful men of the era including Ford, Edison, J.P. Morgan, and hundreds of others in order to discover their “secrets of success.” Hill claimed to have found the common basic principles that all of them used to become giants in their field. In this book, he explains how anyone can use these ideas to the same effect.

But did you know that Hill makes frequently reference to the “sixth sense” and other types of psychic functioning as the basis for what makes people successful?  He also talks about the importance of transmuting personal, physical energy into creative energy. It’s a question of tapping into “infinite intelligence” with your subconscious mind and imprinting that intelligence with your intentions and ideas. Simple right?

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Go for the Viewing Gold (Ready for the challenge?)

The Virtual Viewing Gold Membership class is now on sale (over 30 percent off!) through the end of 2010. Now only $697 until December 31st! This full-featured viewing class has everything you need to develop your viewing skills, tap into your creative imagination, and connect with infinite intelligence. It includes tons of video instructions, great bonuses, and two full live phone sessions with me to check your viewing progress. Find out more details and how to purchase at Virtual Viewing Gold.

Key Features Include:

  • Using Viewing With the Law of Attraction
  • Easy “Step by Step” Instructions
  • Now Includes Medical Diagnosis and Remote Healing
  • Also Includes Locational Exercises and Map Dowsing
  • Special Viewing Secrets Never Revealed to the Public Until Now!
  • Two private Skype or phone sessions!
  • Complete Guaranteed–Zero Risk

You learn about applying your viewing skills to the Law of Attraction. Plus you’ll find out how to use viewing to perform healing in yourself or others.  Plus, I’ve included a host of locational tools for finding objects, people, and events on a map. You’ll have a blast and learn a ton about yourself. This is the real deal! Find out more at Virtual Viewing Gold.

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How To Use Your Imagination In A Viewing Session

For a long time, at least since the dawn of the military-sponsored remote viewing program, there has been a taboo against using creativity in a viewing session. The reason for this is that our imagination can color the results of a session distorting the information with our own ideas. And most of time, when you view, you are going for accuracy and fidelity.

But is their a way for imagination to be integrated with viewing? Well, in fact, there is. It’s something I can “resonant visualization.” And it’s not that different from what is referred to as “remote influencing.” Only in this case, you are simply using resonance to conjure of images and feelings about things you prefer. And in doing so, you use the “law of attraction” or vibration to create the conditions for achieving your goals and priorities.

So there is a way to integrate imagination and viewing in a production way, it just requires a slight modification of the viewing process, to create energy and information rather than just to passively perceive it.

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Random Matrix Networks–More Evidence for Order Out of Chaos

New research in the mathematics of randomness gives more support for  the idea that universe is based on fundamental underlying patterns of order. One type of research looking at random matrix networks shows that even completely random patterns give rise to coherent waves, called “open channels,” that can pass through opaque surfaces more than would be expected from randomized light.

Another outcome of this research is that it can be shown even completely randomized data sets give rise to statistical correlations. This is known as the “curse of dimensionality.” It seems to particularly affect economics by creating the illusion of patterns in long-range historical data.

The larger implication of this research is that even quantum structures can be approximated very accurately with random numbers suggesting that there are deep, underlying patterns in nature that are hidden from view. See New Scientist, 10 April 2010.

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