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Witness videos now in Black Swan Ghosts ebook

Peter the jockey shares an amazing contact story including a near brush with an apparent humanoid and a mysterious phone call the next morning.

Louise Voves—Encountered a flying disc and later, a US Army convoy that told her to leave the area, while picking huckleberries

Franco—Witness to anomalous, brightly lit craft over a lake followed by military jet intervention








I’ve created new videos for four of the chapters in Black Swan GhostsIf you purchased the eBook you’ll find these video links at the end of witness chapters, if the interview video is available. (It’s now on iBooks too.)  On the videos you’ll hear and see:

  • Peter the jockey in the UK talk about one of the most extraordinary encounters I’ve ever heard followed by a strange phone call and a secret “meeting” with an unknown high-level government group that wanted to know everything . . . in a pub!
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Coast to Coast AM, Sunday, March 19th

I’ll be doing an interview with George Knapp on Coast to Coast AM Sunday, March 19th (second half of the show). We’ll be talking about remote viewing, secrecy, UFOs, and much more. Details here.

Click here for specials


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Why is your book named “Black Swan Ghosts”?

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Resonant Viewing Practice Webinar, Feb 12th

I’ll be doing another free Resonant Viewing practice webinar with live instruction plus time for your Q & A. Sunday, Feb. 12th  at 3 PM PST (6 PM EST). This webinar will be mostly practice with some teaching about how to do it. You can learn more about what RV is here. Hope to see you there. Register at the link below:

Register for the webinar

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What is the Multiverse?

Ever since the idea of “many worlds” was proposed as an alternative physics model in the 1950’s it’s been creating a stir. Do we really live in a Multiverse? Quite possibly. Here’s a short article I recently wrote about it.

Read the Multiverse article here

You’ll learn:

  • where the Multiverse idea comes from
  • how it challenges traditional quantum mechanics
  • implications for topics like remote viewing and related “paranormal” topics
  • evidence for the Multiverse idea
Why does it matter to you? Simple. Science often presents itself to us as a finished product, something “done and dusted.” We accept certain “truths” as obvious and common sense. But this point of view ignores how much we don’t know. And it’s in that gap that we’ll make the most progress towards understanding the unknown.


The Multiverse idea is one of the most challenging ideas we’ve ever faced together.
But it also holds the most promise of explaining things that heretofore have been deemed “paranormal” and weird.


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Black Swan Ghosts

Hey, my new book is nearing completion! Would love your comments:) Sign up to be notified when the ebook is ready.

BLACK SWAN GHOSTS: a sociologist encounters witnesses to unexplained aerial craft, strange beings, and others elements of the multiverse (©2017  Mount Baldy Press, Inc.) is an investigation into the world of witnesses to unexplained events, aerial objects, and mysterious beings. It’s a topic that I once dismissed as being weird, fringe, and kind of crazy. Something I’d avoid. 

But after getting involved in the subject of Remote Viewing and coming to know participants in this previously classified government program, I began to encounter more and more witnesses, some of very high credibility, to these hard-to-explain phenomena. And after a while, the weight of the evidence overcame any doubts I had about the authenticity and veridicality of these subjects.

Includes witness stories from former Air Force pilots, children of high ranking Air Force officials, Aerospace engineers, NASA scientists, remote viewers from the DIA, and many others.

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Supercharge your knowledge with these cutting edge videos

We all want an alternative to boring main stream media right?  Their coverage of new subjects and science is biased and underwhelming to say the least. Well, the folks over Gaia TV have put together a great package of free alternative videos for you to watch this Holiday Season. I think you’ll enjoy some of these topics: UFOs, spirituality, and ancient wisdom to name a few. Now there are a few conspiratorial videos that I don’t particularly like: This stuff is just ridiculous in my view. But you’ll also see some more fact-based interviews with Bruce Lipton, Richard Dolan, Gregg Braden and others which are quite good and really get you thinking. They normally charge for these but right now they’re available to you for nothing, until Jan 2nd. You can learn about Strange Encounters, Science of the Spirit, and other great topics. Enjoy and let me know what you think of these videos.

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Podesta, Clinton, and the Secret UFO Files

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Peter: Witness to Landed Craft, Tall Entity, and Mysterious Organization

Peter L. -- Witness to unidentified craft, a tall entity, and contact from mysterious "UFO" organization

Peter L. — Witness to unidentified craft, a tall entity, and contact from a mysterious organization

The following is a rough draft excerpt from my forthcoming book Black Swan Ghosts: a sociologist’s encounters with witnesses of unidentified aerial craft, strange beings, and the other elements of our multiverse (Mount Baldy Press, inc., August 2017, ISBN 0-9715863-7-3) Enjoy!

Chapter 4—Peter: witness to flying disc, occupant and the mysterious UFO organization

During the course of my visits to the U.K. for crop circle research, I happened to come across a man named Peter in one of the pubs near Beckhampton, a short distance from the market town of Marlborough in Wiltshire. This pub is so old that Charles Dickens is said to have visited it many times on his way from London to the old Roman town of Bath in the Southwest of Britain.

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Live multiverse webinar with Simeon

Live webinar with Dr. Simeon Hein

Live webinar with Dr. Simeon Hein

Don’t miss my next live webinar about how to tap into the resonance of the multiverse and gain better access to your imagination and intuition. I’ll be talking about how resonant viewing relates to newer theories from physics about how our Multiverse is structured and why it matters to you. I’ll be giving your practical suggestions about how to tap into your multidimensionality with concrete examples.  There will be live Q&A with you at the end. It’s this Thursday, Sept 1st at 8 PM ET. Sign up here.

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