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Opening Minds #1 on . . . in Fractals

OpeningMindsCoverThanks everyone and to all the Coast to Coast AM listeners for making Opening Minds the #1 Best Seller in the category of Fractal Mathematics! As a way of saying thanks to all of you, I am extending my Virtual Viewing Insight class offer to another 100 people and keeping it open to new registrants.

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“How to Open Your Mind to the Extraordinary”–TV Interview with Simeon

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Brazil’s UFO Files

Brazil’s government and military are opening up about the UFO subject sharing files and information with the public and research organizations.

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Watch Simeon, Live on CEM Network TV, Saturday, Nov. 30th at 5 PM EST

Don’t miss my upcoming interview, “Open Your Mind to the Extraordinary,” on the Conscious Evolution Media Network with host Steve Toth, Saturday, Nov. 30th at 5 PM EST which will broadcast on Colorado Public Television.  You can stream the show live or watch it later: link to show. (Use the previous link to post comments also.)lctv-header-2

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What I am reading now–Antifragile: Things that gain from disorder, by Nicolas Nassim Taleb

20130928-164114.jpgCertainly one of the most important books I’ve ever read. Taleb combines scientific, mathematical, and economic ideas to produce an incredibly cogent, original, and timely discussion of our collective technological and social evolution. Taleb encourages us to build robust, resilient, fractal, and “Antifragile” structures that improve over time, in contrast to the fragile nature of modern, rational systems that fail so easily and often. This books almost seems like an extension of my sociology dissertation I wrote in 1992. Antifragile is not only an entertaining, fascinating read but a highly practical one too that yields specific ideas, every few pages, you can apply to your life. Just brilliant.

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0971586306web2The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure was only the beginning! Discover what the media isn’t telling you about ETs, remote viewing, crop circles and much more. You’ll learn about quantum mechanics, space, time, and resonance and how you can have extraordinary encounters of your own. Includes real stories of human encounters with ETs! Also available for Kindle and as an audio book, read to you by the author. Learn more at

“This book, by taking a completely fresh approach to two unusual mysteries, creates an avenue for understanding not only crop circles and RV, but ourselves as well. Highly effective and highly recommended.”
— W. Ritchie Benedict, FATE Magazine (April 2004)

“…A profound synthesis . . . Hein’s discussion of physics, quantum consciousness, remote viewing, chaos theory, extraterrestrials, and crop circles is fascinating . . . ”
— NAPRA Review (Nov/Dec 2002)

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Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure

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Mike Wallace Interviews Rod Serling, 1959

Great interview and conversation between these two pioneering media figures.

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Need to Know–Cometa UFO Report

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What I’m reading now — Wait by Frank Partnoy

Wait: The Art and Science of Delay by Frank Partnoy is an excellent discussion of the why going faster isn’t always better. We’ve all been absorbed into a modern nanoculture “cult of speed” and this book shows us why it may be better to slow down. The author illustrates the book with numerous examples from diverse activities and occupations including sports, stock trading, and dating as to why going slower is often more effective than going faster. There are a lot of supporting studies and info in this book and it reflects many similar points I made in Opening Minds. Highly recommended. (BTW, I’ve been reading this on my Nook ereader.)

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