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The Missing Crop Circle

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Simon Collins, fan of Planetary Intelligence, with crop circle tattoo

Simon Collins with Planetary Intelligence tattoo.

Simon Collins, lead singer for SOUND OF CONTACT, with his tattoo from Planetary Intelligence.

Simon Collins, lead singer for the progressive rock band SOUND OF CONTACT, recently told me that he is a big fan of my book Planetary Intelligence, and even made a tattoo from it!  The page, p. 72 of the book, says “Be Creative” with a drawing of U.K. crop circle from the late 80’s. Simon said that Track 6, “Remote View” on the SOC Dimensionaut album was inspired by the book.   (This photo was taken on the rockin’ “Moodies Cruise” with the Moody Blues and other bands, where I met Simon, in early April ’14.) Click here to be notified of my next Planetary Intelligence seminar.

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What Really Happened at Roswell? (Part II)

Watch video on YouTube.

If you missed Part I, watch it here.


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Boulder Flood and Planetary Intelligence II [the wisdom of good design]

In this short video, I show how design makes a difference in structures’ abilities to deal with massive rainwater. Warning: contains graphic images of flood destruction.

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Boulder Flood and Planetary Intelligence I [the wisdom of the lone tree]

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Imagination and Physical Performance

This article shows how your imagination is a crucial ingredient in achieving top sports and physical performance. In fact, amazingly, just exercising your imagination has been shown to increase muscle strength! Increasingly, the mind is seen a key to our physical well-being.

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The Milky Way Through a Sandstorm

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Crystal Crop Circles

(Music by Simeon Hein available on iTunes)

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“Ball of Light” Passes Near Simeon Hein, Fosbury Crop Circle 2010

Videographer Arvy’das Kizevicius allegedly videotaped a “ball of light” passing near Simeon Hein in the Fosbury 2010 formation. At the time I was doing the Standing Tree Meditation near the center of the formation. It was my intent at the time to bring energy into the formation using this Taoist meditation technique. Perhaps it worked! The object appears to enter the formation from the left and move across to the center. However, I didn’t see anything while standing there, nor did anyone else (there were several people there) at the time, leading me to believe that Mr. Kizevicius most likely captured a bird, insect, or flying debris very near to his camera. My companion a few feet away, facing me, didn’t see anything either so whatever he videotaped must be closer to his camera lens than it was to us.

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We Think With Our Bodies

New research in human thought processes has found that humans literally think with their bodies. (“Let Your Body Do the Thinking,” New Scientist, march 27th 2010) This is referred to as “embodied cognition.” Scientists have done a number of well-conducted studies showing that human activity affects what types of thoughts people are likely to have. For example, when creating random numbers, people tend to look downward and to the left when thinking of a small numbers, and up and to the right when thinking of larger ones.

Other studies found that when volunteers moved marbles in an upward fashion, they used more emotionally positively-laden metaphors in their speech. And the opposite was true to for those moving marbles in a downward direction.

Similarly, left-handers tend to identify things on the left more favorable than objects on the right, and visa-versa with right-handers.

These results suggest that our abstract thought is connected with physical movement and does not occur in isolation. This idea directly challenges those held by mainstream cognitive scientists who believe that thought occurs independently of our bodies or spatial settings.

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