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Former security guard at Minot AFB describes seeing HUGE UFO take off near missile silo in 1972 and suffers burns

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Why is your book named “Black Swan Ghosts”?

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Black Swan Ghosts

What happens when you talk about something so controversial it can destroy your career? This book contains witness accounts of unexplainable aerial craft, technology and humanoids so real it could change your view of our universe forever!



Buy on Leanpub (formats including PDF, Kindle & iBook)

“Outstanding. A five star read!”— Amazon reviewer

“I read your book in one sitting last night. I couldn’t stop it was so good. I love it!!!“— Teri, life couch and certified master hypnotherapist, Salt Lake City

“Couldn’t put it down-excellent material.”— Colin Andrews, author and crop circle researcher

If you’re interested in the Disclosure movement, my new book Black Swan Ghosts: A sociologist encounters witnesses to unidentified aerial craft, their occupants, and other elements of our multiverse ebook is now available. This book is a discussion of why we have so much secrecy around the topics of alleged extraterrestrials and Unexplained Aerial Craft (UACs). It includes more than fifteen amazing and shocking real-life stories of unexplained encounters from a former airline pilot, children of Air Force pilots, a former DIA government remote viewer, a retired aerospace engineer, a former NASA scientist, a retired UK policeman, and many others. I also examine some new ideas in physics that might explain some of these encounters.

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Black Swan Ghosts

Hey, my new book is nearing completion! Would love your comments:) Sign up to be notified when the ebook is ready.

BLACK SWAN GHOSTS: a sociologist encounters witnesses to unexplained aerial craft, strange beings, and others elements of the multiverse (©2017  Mount Baldy Press, Inc.) is an investigation into the world of witnesses to unexplained events, aerial objects, and mysterious beings. It’s a topic that I once dismissed as being weird, fringe, and kind of crazy. Something I’d avoid. 

But after getting involved in the subject of Remote Viewing and coming to know participants in this previously classified government program, I began to encounter more and more witnesses, some of very high credibility, to these hard-to-explain phenomena. And after a while, the weight of the evidence overcame any doubts I had about the authenticity and veridicality of these subjects.

Includes witness stories from former Air Force pilots, children of high ranking Air Force officials, Aerospace engineers, NASA scientists, remote viewers from the DIA, and many others.

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How to Remote View

Learning about Rspace

Remote Viewing class with Dr. Hein in Boulder, Colorado

Here’s my latest article about How to Remote View. It’s full of tips and ideas to activate your remote viewing powers. You’ll find out why it’s important to be detached from the outcome and why you don’t need to be more psychic than you already are. Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think.


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What is Remote Viewing?

powerful-waveWhat is Remote Viewing? Here’s my take on our amazing ability to intuitively access non-local information and how it works: Enjoy!

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Cold Fusion is back: New Scientist article

Triple tracks in Cold Fusion experiment

Triple tracks in Cold Fusion experiment (photo courtesy of U.S. Navy)

An article by Michael Brooks about Cold Fusion gives a brief history of the phenomena and some of the current research from “a small band of believers” that supports it . A scientist is quoted as saying there’s no theory to support Cold Fusion and we often hear that none of the data from these experiments matter until there’s a theory to explain them.  This reminds me of the France’s Academy of Sciences view in the eighteenth century that meteorites didn’t exist because there was no theory to explain them: the Academy confiscated almost all of them from French museums in the 1700’s except one really big meteorite. You’ll find very few old ones in French museums today.  Here’s a brief summary of Brook’s article at E-Catworld.

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Witness’s car stalls mysteriously, a bright light appears overhead, and then she loses seven hours of time (excerpt)

Joy French--witness in 1980's to her car stalling, bright lights overhead, and missing time

Joy French–witness in 1980’s to her car stalling mysteriously, bright lights overhead, and missing time

The following is an excerpt from my new ebook Black Swan Ghosts: a sociologist encounter witnesses of unidentified aerial craft, strange beings, and other elements of the multiverse (Mount Baldy Press, inc., August 2017, ISBN 0-9715863-7-3) Enjoy!

Chapter Six — Joy French, car stalls while driving up Mt. St. Helens,  experiences missing time and unexplained lights over the car

Joy French is a woman now in her nineties who spent most of her life working for Alaska Airlines in ground support and mechanics: she told me she was two years too late to be a flight attendant for the airline. I met Joy in the Coeur D’Alene, Idaho area after you put an ad in the local paper for a meeting of UFO witnesses.

Why did Joy want to assemble such a group?

Joy said that in the 1980’s she was living in the Mt. St. Helens area and had an experience there she could never explain to this day.

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Samu’s favorite lecture at SSE/PA conference

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“Science and the Taboo of Psi” by Dean Radin

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