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UFOs and Nukes: The Secret Link Revealed

This is a MUST WATCH video for every citizen of planet Earth.  Shocking, new historical documentary by author Robert Hastings. This riveting video takes us to the post-WWII era when the United States and later the USSR started testing and detonating ever stronger nuclear weapons. Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) have been associated with these activities since 1945 up to the present. Hastings interviews many missile launch officers to undercover previously classified cases of UFO/UAP induced shutdowns our nuclear missile facilities all over the planet. Includes new interviews with Rendlesham Forest incident radar tower operators. This is, in my view, one of the best UFO’s documentaries ever! It is meticulously produced with excellent graphics and recreations. Go to link below to watch a free bonus interview with a former missile control launch officer, Capt. Robert Jamison who witnessed the aftermath of a UFO initiated sabotage of ten U.S. ICBMs in Montana, 1967. Please share this preview with your Congressional Representative or Senator. (Disclaimer: I have no connection to this video other than making a small donation to the video project before it was released.)

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Fractal Metamaterial Antennas and Resistance to New Ideas Like Cold Fusion- Nathan Cohen

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Has Cold Fusion Arrived?

Triple tracks in Cold Fusion experiment

Triple tracks in Cold Fusion experiment

Great editorial by philosopher Huw Price about the dangers of close-minded thinking and the possible arrival of Cold Fusion as a real energy source. Price really goes all out here at skeptics. Wonderful stuff! It’s a “must read.”

Is the cold fusion egg about to hatch?


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Why Cold Fusion was Mistakenly Rejected–Melvin Miles

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MFMP explain more about the elements of Cold Fusion

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Simeon’s Top Three Predictions for 2016

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The New Yorker article on Quantum Entanglement

"Black Hole" by Alex Borland

“Black Hole” by Alex Borland

Lawrence M. Krauss makes some serious errors in the following statement, ignoring both the works of Dean Raden and Princeton’s PEAR Labs, which have shown that human thoughts affect, at a very subtle but statistically significant level, the outcome of quantum experiments: “The truth, however, is that consciousness is irrelevant to the act of measurement, which can be done by machines, or even by single photons. If consciousness matters, then the inner thoughts of the experimenter who operates the machines would also have to be reported when we write up the results of our experiments. We’d need to know whether they were daydreaming about sex, for example. We don’t. The machines can record data and print it out whether or not a person is in the room, and those printouts, which behave classically, don’t change when the humans come back.” Read the full New Yorker article, “Tangled Up in Entanglement.

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Remote Viewing, Parallel Realities, and UFOs

Here’s a lecture I gave to the Cleveland Ufology Group about relationship between resonance, remote viewing, parallel realities, and UFOs. Also includes some real examples of psychokinesis that I’ve personally witnessed. There are some practice Resonant Viewing sessions at the end, so have a pencil and paper ready.

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Ready to have some fun? (crop circle webinar)

merkabah Brean beach 3

Brean Beach Sand Circle

If you’ve always wanted to know more about crop circles, how they’re made, and how they work, the UFO/ET connection and more, don’t miss my upcoming live webinar on Tuesday, Aug. 18th at 7 MST. It’s free and there will be time for questions at the end. Space is limited, sign up here. The presentation will include video footage of peoples’ cameras and batteries being affected by these mysterious shapes in the fields.

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Crop Circle Anomalies — Devil’s Den 1999

Adapted from my presentation to “A Night of Crop Circling” event in Coronation Hall, Alton Barnes, U.K., July 29th, 2015.

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