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Non-Duality with Russell Targ

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Resonant Viewing webinar replay

Dao Mountain Group 2001

I’ll be doing a free RV webinar replay this Sunday, July 2nd at 3PM EST. We’ll look at some of the basics of how RV works, some of the new Multiverse ideas behind it, and then we’ll do some practice sessions. Now you can learn first hand about this fascinating and controversial subject. More info here. Hope to see you at the webinar, there will be time for Q & A.

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Simeon’s Top Three Predictions for 2016

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Remote Viewing, Parallel Realities, and UFOs

Here’s a lecture I gave to the Cleveland Ufology Group about relationship between resonance, remote viewing, parallel realities, and UFOs. Also includes some real examples of psychokinesis that I’ve personally witnessed. There are some practice Resonant Viewing sessions at the end, so have a pencil and paper ready.

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Physicists propose “ghost universes” as alternative to quantum wave

powerful-waveIn an intriguing and exciting idea that extends Hugh Everett’s multiverse, physicists now propose to do away with the quantum wave function entirely, and replace it with the complex interactions of multiple parallel universes. They’re calling it the “Many Interacting Worlds” theory and suggest that what appears to be a quantum wave function is instead the outcome of subtle interactions between parallel realities. The creators of this new idea say it explains such puzzling phenomena as quantum tunneling and zero-point energy. Some are even going so far as to suggest that parallel realities communicate with one another. This new idea seems to fit perfectly with the positive results over 100 years of remote viewing experiments and practice and other heretofore unexplained phenomena.

New Scientist article on Ghost Universes (requires subscription for full view)

Original article in Physical Review X (you can read the summary here)

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Virtual Viewing Insight reopens

Simeon HeinI’ve reopened the Virtual Viewing Insight 2.0 class to 100 new students. In this class, you’ll learn the first steps towards accessing your “supermind” and be able to view and describe distant people, places, and events. The course includes lifetime membership and a full one-year money-back guarantee. Here’s what previous students have said about it:

  • Your course is amazing and life altering! The new students will have the most amazing experiences in their lives. You’re so very talented in remote viewing and as a master teacher.” Margo B.–Insight student 
  • “This is my first experience doing this and it’s incredible to say the least. I believe in the possibilities of RV but my jaw just about dropped after doing video #6. This is a totally awesome experience……WOW!! Everyone needs to try this.” — Paul V., Insight Student
  • “I feel life is completely different now. . . It has given me an incredible sense of peace – it’s like a strange knowing I’ve had my whole life  – But now I can prove it to myself!  It doesn’t even matter to me what other people think – because I know.  What an incredible gift you are giving people by teaching this.” — Kathy, Insight Student
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View the New You for 2013

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Dr. Courtney Brown Presentation: Remote Viewing and Quantum Science

Dr. Courtney Brown is the director of the Farsight Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a presentation from a recent International Remote Viewing Association conference in Henderson, NV in June, 2012.

I first started remote viewing training with Courtney back in 1996. You can read about my early experience with RV in Opening Minds: A Journey of Extraordinary Encounters where I describe and show some of the first remote viewing sessions I ever participated in (plus all the weird and puzzling happenings that also occurred right afterwords).

Remote viewing opened my mind to a whole range of new topics and experiences such as quantum science, crop circles, the possibility of extraterrestrial life, and enhanced intuitive perception. If you are interested in learning more about resonance, viewing, and how to develop this intuitive skill for yourself, click here to learn more.

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Let’s talk!

Art work by virtual viewing student Nancy McKinney.

I’m offering something new you may want to know about. It’s designed to help make faster progress with your resonant viewing or “hyper-intuition” training as I like to call it.

Now, when you sign up for the Virtual Viewing Master Class, as a bonus, you get a half-hour complimentary consultation with me about ANYTHING you want to talk about. This is so you can get viewing on the right track from the “get go.”

I’m looking forward to sharing my over 15 years of teaching experience with you, so you can make progress faster than ever before.  We can talk about your personal interests, goals, or anything else that’s important to you right at the beginning of your training so you can get the most out of it. (So far, this has turbo-charged the learning experience of folks taking the viewing Master Class. (It’s like adding rocket fuel to an already potent brew of consciousness expanding techniques.)

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My thoughts on the “Killshot”

I posted the Killshot video in the previous post because people are always asking me about it. “Are Ed Dame’s predictions correct?” they want to know.

My own view: Ed is viewing parallel realities, real but not relevant to us (for the most part.) The comments from viewer Steve echo this.

The “multiple worlds” view of modern physics says that in an infinite universe, all possibilities exist somewhere. Anything you can think of exists somewhere.

There is nothing to prevent remote viewers from “viewing” these also. In fact, if you are really interested in them, and “resonate” with those ideas, they are even easier for you to view.

So that’s what Ed is perceiving: parallel realities to our own. These are good “remote viewing” description of an alternate timelines. (His predictions about the bees, however, do seem relevant to what we’re experiencing, however. In my experience, most of his predictions aren’t.)

Thanks for all your comments.

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