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My thoughts on the “Killshot”

I posted the Killshot video in the previous post because people are always asking me about it. “Are Ed Dame’s predictions correct?” they want to know.

My own view: Ed is viewing parallel realities, real but not relevant to us (for the most part.) The comments from viewer Steve echo this.

The “multiple worlds” view of modern physics says that in an infinite universe, all possibilities exist somewhere. Anything you can think of exists somewhere.

There is nothing to prevent remote viewers from “viewing” these also. In fact, if you are really interested in them, and “resonate” with those ideas, they are even easier for you to view.

So that’s what Ed is perceiving: parallel realities to our own. These are good “remote viewing” description of an alternate timelines. (His predictions about the bees, however, do seem relevant to what we’re experiencing, however. In my experience, most of his predictions aren’t.)

Thanks for all your comments.

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Where is Your Subconscious Mind? (surprise!)

If you like this sort of thing, you may also enjoy


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Remote Viewers Help Investigators Solve California Case

Angela Thompson Smith

Angela Thompson Smith

A team of remote viewers led by Angela Thompson Smith correctly provided California police with the location of a missing person and the location of the lead suspect, who has since been convicted of his death. Way to go remote viewers!

Remote Viewers Help Solve California Missing Person’s Case

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Test Pilots Wanted!

Hey, I’ve just finished working on my Virtual Viewing Insight class. You know: It’s all about activating your subtle perceptions and hyper intuitive abilities to get better results and make better decisions. It’s like tapping into your “super mind” as I call it.

And it can really do wonders for your natural creativity.

If you would like to help me test it click here. It would really help me out a lot to get your comments. It takes about a week to go through. Thanks!

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Online Precognition Test–Try This!

From Michael Franklin, a Project Scientist working with Jonathan Schooler in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara: “We are looking for volunteers to participate in a new online precognition experiment.  The user will predict the outcome of an online roulette spin. The actual experiment takes about 30 minutes to complete.” In order to keep track of where subjects are coming from, after the experiment is initiated there is a screen where you can enter an experiment code  — Please enter the code ‘CrystalMind‘.  The precognition experiment can be accessed here.  The magazine New Scientist featured this story in the Jan 18, 2012 issue.
(Please note, this experiment is creating aggregate, group data. You will not be given your results at the end of test (sorry), but hopefully we’ll find out the group result when enough tests have been completed!)

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How Does Stress Affect Your Thinking?

Learn More About Virtual Viewing

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Worst video ever

This video is blurry, out of focus but I thought you’d enjoy
the content anyway.

Virtual Viewing Insight 2.0 Waiting List

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Over 100,000 views!

The first video I ever uploaded to YouTube just went to over 100,000 views. Thanks to everyone for making this video a hit on YouTube. You wouldn’t believe it, but when I first uploaded it in Jan., 2008, I wasn’t even sure if anyone would even be interested. Boy was I wrong. Amazing and thanks again.

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Oops! Server Crash

Thanks so much for your interest in my virtual viewing
master class a few days ago. In fact, so many people tried to
watch the video, that the server crashed, and even I
couldn’t get on the page for a while!

**Big time bummer!**

So if you tried to take a look and it didn’t work. Sorry!
I should have reserved more server bandwidth. My goof:)

Anyway, it’s all good now. Just to make up for it,
I’m sending you a link to the page you might
have tried to access but couldn’t.

This is an advanced viewing class and NOT for everyone.
It’s the real thing. It will take some time to master these
innovative techniques. But it’s worth it. You’ll see and sense
more of what’s around you. And what’s coming from the future.

So if you want to seriously expand your perceptual boundaries
and sharpen your mind with these advanced viewing techniques,
this training course might be your ticket to a new you.

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“OMG! It works!” (yes, it does)

I just got an email from someone that said, “OMG! I can’t
believe it works”

She went through my RV mini class, and was so excited.

But… then she went on to say that she wanted MORE.

MORE remote viewing content, that goes deeper into the
top-secret techniques that the military has used for

But I’m not into using this for nefarious purposes – I love
to share this stuff so people can improve their health, well
being, and even wealth.

If you want to use it for nefarious purposes, please stay

But if you’re ready to use it for good, then have a look.
I’m really excited about sharing this “next level” content
with you.

ps – They may make me take this link down at any time , so I
hope you’ll check it out while it’s available.

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