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  1. Is it safe to say that precognitive dreams and RV share the same origins? I mean, seeing the future, but not knowing it….until it happens. (usually) the same as Dr. Hein and his manila folders….you look at them…you see things…but you don’t realize the gift, until he reveals what’s inside right? so…it’s the same outcome yes?

    • SimeonHein says:

      I think they are related phenomena but with precog the event hasn’t happened yet while in RV you generally have an assigned target at the time you do your session.

      • Ahh…you mean like, the controlled event is real, and happening in the “now,” while the dream is still a ways off and god knows when the pre-cog reveals itself…so the issue is about time, not whether or not it’s targeted?
        the person still has no idea what is inside the folder…in Time, it becomes revealed…just as dreams…but with dreams, it’s never a controlled event.
        thanks for your videos on youtube btw…your work is awesome.
        thankyou. :o)

      • that other stuff I mentioned, machsom, is a barrier between worlds that many Kabbalists believe is somehow perceptible to very few people…
        it gave them power to see vast distances, and to become timeless..
        some scholars even concocted maps before it was even possible to travel such distances…but, it’s mysticism…some folks don’t like that word.
        :o) thankyou for taking the time Dr. Hein!!
        for your thought provoking lectures, and youtube videos.
        will you be speaking or doing workshops in MN, Iowa, WI??
        just curious.

  2. simulated multiverse? the five worlds? adamkadmon? machsom,? EVP? light becomes matter…72 names of g-d…dreams…RV…all related? HMmmmmm. :o)
    talk to me people…are they related?

    • SimeonHein says:

      A.J., it’s not clear what all of these things are to me, at least, but at some level the universe is made of the same stuff, the same energy, the same particles, so all of the above would be related in that sense.