Fractal vegetables

And I forgot to mention: steam lightly for a few minutes and enjoy! They’re delicious and super good for you.

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Detailed Critique of the E-Cat Test: Is It All Just a Hoax?

screen shot 2014 10 09 at 12.38.30 pm 100509474 large.idge  150x150 Detailed Critique of the E Cat Test: Is It All Just a Hoax?

E-Cat in operation

Here’s a worthy critique of the recent third-party E-Cat test in Lugano, Switzerland, by Ethan Siegel. He basically says the whole thing was a hoax. I don’t agree with the author for a variety of reasons, but mostly because almost all new scientific inventions had similar  accusations thrown at them. The Wright Brothers, Edison’s phonograph, or Leeuwenhoek’s microscope? Take your pick. They were all considered hoaxes too in their time. Here’s Siegel’s article. And then, if you will, read this thorough, sound response from Michael Lammert.

By the way, if you want to read about how often this accusation has been made against other successful technologies and inventions, I recommend Stanton Friedman’s wonderful book Science Was Wrong: Startling Truths About Cures, Theories, and Inventions ” They” Declared Impossible.

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Power up your Creative Intelligence with my LIVE class

HumanFusion3 150x150 Power up your Creative Intelligence with my LIVE class

Creative Intelligence LIVE class with Dr. Simeon Hein

Do you feel stuck? Would you like to boost your creativity, natural insight, and intuition? If so, I might have something that might interest you. I’ll be teaching my LIVE “Creative Intelligence” class in November where we’ll learn how “remote view” our future selves, connect with our higher minds, and learn to work with our deeper intuition. The purpose is to get you moving with respect to your projects, goals, and ideas.  Many students who have taken the class have said it produced some great results for them. Space is limited, click to find out more.

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Disclosure Conference, Sept 27th, 2010 –“UFOs and Nuclear Missile Tampering”

This media event at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., featured former nuclear missile control officers from different Air Force bases in the United States that experienced UFO incidents from the 1960’s onward. Missile launch systems were compromised, disabled, or in a few alarming cases, briefly activated.

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Long-term implications of the new E-Cat technology

screen shot 2014 10 09 at 12.38.30 pm 100509474 large.idge  150x150 Long term implications of the new E Cat technology

E-Cat undergoing testing operations which were successful.

There has been a lot of excitement since the positive 3rd-party E-Cat report last week about what the new technology means for our lives and the world.  What does cheaper, decentralized energy mean for us in the long-term? For one thing, these test results seem like a total vindication of the highly controversial work of Cold Fusion researchers Fleischmann and Pons, as I reported in a previous video. Here are some comments on the site, by a purported engineer, about the implications of the new technology on how we live. He argues that electricity costs will be cut in half, energy independence of many countries, a gradual reduction in demand for hydrocarbon fuels like natural gas and oil (though he doesn’t mention it, this includes solar, wind, biofuels, and hydro too)  and a general decentralization of the energy grid, among other things. There are also plenty of geopolitical implications as the energy playing field is leveled across the globe.

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The Mysteries of Golden Ball Hill

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Head of Swedish R&D Institute Elforsk Issues Strong Statement on “Astounding” E-Cat Test Results

new ecat1 150x150 Head of Swedish R&D Institute Elforsk Issues Strong Statement on Astounding E Cat Test Results

The E-Cat undergoing testing for the final 3rd party report: results were positive

The CEO of the Swedish energy R&D institute Elforsk issued a statement yesterday on the implications of the successful long-term E-Cat test.  He says  “we may see the fundamental transformation of our energy system” due to the simplification and decentralization of energy production with the new E-Cat technology. Read the 3rd-party report for yourself.

Here is the English translation of his full statement (thanks to Mats Hilmersson):

Measurements on LENR reactor reported – energy release and isotopes

Yesterday, astounding results from month-long measurements on a so-called “energy catalyser” were reported. The report, written by researchers from Uppsala University, KTH and the University of Bologna, describes a release of heat that cannot be explained by chemical reactions alone. Isotope changes in the analysed fuel instead indicate that nuclear reactions might have occurred at low temperatures. It implies that we may be facing a new way to extract nuclear energy possibly without ionizing radiation and radioactive waste. The discovery could potentially become very important for the world’s energy supply.

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Third Party E-Cat Report: It’s Positive

2 ee77d95136 150x150 Third Party E Cat Report:  Its Positive

The E-Cat energy catalyzer: Abundant heat with no explanation within current physics why it works

[Update: this is not a “leaked” report as stated here yesterday but the FINAL version posted online before it’s publication in the Journal of Nuclear Physics.]

A year-long 3rd party report on the “E-Cat” energy catalyzer technology has been posted on a Swedish website. The authors note “abundant energy production” and an unexplained nuclear reaction with no waste or by-products. The device was tested continuously for 32 days. See for details.

The authors of the report conclude:

“In summary, the performance of the E-Cat reactor is remarkable. We have a device giving heat energy compatible with nuclear transformations, but it operates at low energy and gives neither nuclear radioactive waste nor emits radiation. From basic general knowledge in nuclear physics this should not be possible.”


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“Implications of Recent Discoveries in Multiverse Physics for Extraterrestrial Disclosure”

0971586306 150x150 Implications of Recent Discoveries in Multiverse Physics for Extraterrestrial Disclosure Hey, if you are around the Salt Lake City area, this afternoon at 3PM I’ll be giving a presentation about “Implications of Recent Discoveries in Multiverse Physics for Extraterrestrial Disclosure.” I’ll also be talking about the Citizens Hearing held in Washington, D.C. last year and upcoming events to educate Congress about this topic and how you can participate. Location: Total Body Pilates 2065 S 2300 E SLC

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“Stranded” — New music from our friend Dave Kerzner

An exciting, bold sound from Dave’s forthcoming album, “New World” featuring Steve Hackett of GENESIS, and Durga McBroom of PINK FLOYD.

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