Ingo Swann and far out viewing into the Solar System

Screen Shot 2014 08 15 at 5.15.10 PM 150x150 Ingo Swann and far out viewing into the Solar SystemNice article recounting some of Ingo Swann’s early viewing tests and some quotes from his book Penetration about his interactions with ETs and involvement with special access “black budget” programs.

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World’s Oldest Road: The Ridgeway

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Mystery of Merlin’s Mound (II)

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The Missing Crop Circle

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Mystery of Ancient Landmarks, Extraterrestrials, and Crop Circles

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Avebury Stones

Avebury 300x225 Avebury Stones

Avebury Stones

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Music at the Speed of Light — Progressive “New World” Album

Screen Shot 2014 07 17 at 6.14.52 PM Music at the Speed of Light    Progressive New World Album

“New World” (in progress) by Dave Kerner

Dave Kerzner and Simeon Hein 150x150 Music at the Speed of Light    Progressive New World Album

Me and Dave right before the “Moodies Cruise” last April.

Mega progressive rock producer and composer Dave Kerzner, formerly of SOUND OF CONTACT, is creating a new album featuring former members of GENESIS, PINK FLOYD, and EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER . . . and you can be part of it! 

Get a Preview and Listen to Samples

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E-Catworld repost of my Cold Fusion video

E cat world logo2 531x110 300x62 E Catworld repost of my Cold Fusion videoHere’s the repost of my video about Cold Fusion on the site which is devoted news about LENR technologies (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction), specifically, the E-Cat, as it’s known. There were a lot comments in response to the video, some alluding to my interest in “fringe science” fields like UFOs. I’ve been called a lot of things but that’s a new one for me, I’ll admit.

If you do your research, you’ll find that plate tectonics, germ theory, manned flight, and space travel were all considered fringe science at one time.

I don’t see anything fringy about UFOs except that they may come from parallel realities on the edge of own! Similarly, there is a lot of evidence, maybe one hundred years worth, for phenomena like “remote viewing.” Just read any books by Richard Dolan, Dean Radin, or Stanton Friedman’s book Science was Wrong, to see where I’m coming from. And for my take on crop circles, see these videos of cameras and batteries failing in manmade formations, not something anyone ever expected given that they were labelled as “pranks.” Turns out, their energy effects on our technology are real. My best explanation for this is that the crop formations are acting like liquid crystals transducing some background energy source into a frequency that we interact with.

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Is Cold Fusion Real? New Research Says “Yes”!

New research by Dr. Vittorio Violante and others at Italy’s ENEA shows that Cold Fusion is real. The resonance of the materials affects whether a nuclear reaction occurs or not, once a Cold Fusion apparatus is set up. Adding Rhodium or Platinum to the Palladium metal changes its surface morphology and keeps the reaction generating lots of excess heat. Fascinating! (This isn’t the first time that Scientific American and the New York Times were wrong!!)

If you want to stay informed about LENR, as it’s now known (Low Energy Nuclear Reaction), one of my favorite sites is, home to news about the E-Cat, a new energy device related to Cold Fusion. You can see a post of this video on the site.


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Amazing video of Hod Hill Formation captured from a drone copter

This is most likely the best aerial footage of a crop circle, EVER!
Video looks best in full-screen mode: Click on the squarish button on lower right of the video player to see a bigger view. Enjoy!

(Thanks to Matt Williams, drone pilot, for this inspiring video! Music by ManMadeMan.) Click here for info on the non-profit, tax-deductible Institute for Resonance crop circle tour.

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