Crop Circle Tour 2011 (updated with captions)

This is an updated and improved version of the crop circle tour video I did in 2011, telling folks what we do on a crop circle tour and why we go there year after year.


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Crop Circles, Crystals, and UFO Contact (lecture)

Screen Shot 2014 05 14 at 3.22.37 PM 300x176 Crop Circles, Crystals, and UFO Contact (lecture)Here’s the details on my upcoming lecture about crop circles and UFOs to the Boulder EXO group on Friday, May 23rd.


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Simon Collins, fan of Planetary Intelligence, with crop circle tattoo

SimonPlanetary 300x224 Simon Collins, fan of Planetary Intelligence, with crop circle tattoo

Simon Collins, lead singer for SOUND OF CONTACT, with his tattoo from Planetary Intelligence.

Simon Collins, lead singer for the progressive rock band SOUND OF CONTACT, recently told me that he is a big fan of my book Planetary Intelligence, and even made a tattoo from it!  The page, p. 72 of the book, says “Be Creative” with a drawing of U.K. crop circle from the late 80′s. Simon said that Track 6, “Remote View” on the SOC Dimensionaut album was inspired by the book.   (This photo was taken on the rockin’ “Moodies Cruise” with the Moody Blues and other bands, where I met Simon, in early April ’14.) Click here to be notified of my next Planetary Intelligence seminar.

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What I’m reading now–’Our Mathematical Universe’ by Max Tegmark

This is an amazing book that helps explain the unbelievably wild structure of our universe. Our Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark takes the reader on a tour of the universe and shows us why it’s more likely to be a Multiverse filled with different types of parallel realities. In the process, he shows us why the standard Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is obsolete and scientifically inadequate. Bravo! tegmark What Im reading now  Our Mathematical Universe by Max Tegmark

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PBS Broadcast of “The Heart of Art”

Screen Shot 2014 03 28 at 9.42.38 AM PBS Broadcast of The Heart of Art

The Heart of Art with Elisa Brown

If you want a chance to see some great performances in music and dance, and some of my guitar work too, you can watch it here:

The Heart of Art with Elisa Brown will debut on Public Television (CPT12) in the Colorado and Wyoming Markets on Friday, March 28 at 2:00 pm on Channel 12.1 (Part 1) and on Friday, April 4 at 2:00 pm on Channel 12.1 (Part 2). It will stream live online at

With Barry GoldsteinGabriel Chajnik, Dana Slamo, Marla MaseMark Smith, Jessie BlackSimeon Hein and Steve M Toth.


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New Data Say “Yes” to Fractal Multiverse!

This is a HUGE discovery. It opens the door for all sorts of new discoveries and in my mind it creates a new opportunities for learning about things like Resonant Viewing, Human Fusion, and related phenomena. Please see my previous post for more details.

If you’re ready to explore YOUR multiverses, check out my Human Fusion class, where we explore your parallel realities and future possibilities to maximize your personal creativity. Space is limited so you’ll need to fill out the survey to get started.

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New Evidence for Gravitational Waves Supports Fractal Multiverse

Multiverse   level II.svg  150x150 New Evidence for Gravitational Waves Supports Fractal Multiverse

New evidence from the BICEP2 lab in Antartica, after nine years of careful research, shows the existence gravitational waves produced in the first few moments, trillionths of a second, after the Big Bang. Some scientists also believe that this evidence supports the idea of the Multiverse, as inflationary forces would still be creating new universes right now. Read more here.

Scientific support of the idea of the Multiverse also bolsters the idea that some phenomena like remote viewing, extraterrestrial encounters, and unidentified aerial phenomena are evidence of our interaction with the Multiverse in the form of parallel realities. This Multiverse is thought to take the shape of a fractal too.

Learn more about tapping into the potential of the Multiverse with the Human Fusion class taught by Dr. Hein. In this course, I’ll show you how to “optimize” your future possibilities by connecting with your “parallel selves” to helpful and useful feedback for yourself right now.

Here is the Wikipedia article on Eternal Inflation which explains these ideas in a concise way.

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Dr. Roger K. Leir (1934-2014)

Dr2 150x150 Dr. Roger K. Leir (1934 2014)Dr. Roger K. Leir was a pioneer in the field of implant removal which third party testing by many well-known metallurgical labs revealed to be extraterrestrial in origin. He also did remarkable research into the Varginha, Brazil 1996 UFO incident.  I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting Roger many times over the years at various conferences mostly recently at the Citizen Hearing for Disclosure in Washington, D. C. in April 2013. He told me that most recent isotopic analysis of the implants implied that that they are created by a civilization perhaps one million years more advanced than our own. I’ll really miss Roger’s presentations and his wry sense of humor. Visit his website at

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Opening Minds #1 on . . . in Fractals

OpeningMindsCover 150x150 Opening Minds #1 on . . . in FractalsThanks everyone and to all the Coast to Coast AM listeners for making Opening Minds the #1 Best Seller in the category of Fractal Mathematics! As a way of saying thanks to all of you, I am extending my Virtual Viewing Insight class offer to another 100 people and keeping it open to new registrants.

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The “UFO and Alien Disclosure” Interview

PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! The host is watching to see how many views we get to decide whether to put it on national PBS TV, or not. We need to be in the TOP 10. Thanks!! Watch on YouTube

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