Simeon at Mousetrap Bar Open Mic, July 3rd 2016

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Parallel Realities, Multiverses and Paranormal Phenomena

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Eimo at the Applied Precog RV Conference

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Friends shares info about viewers Pat Price and Ingo Swann

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Samu’s favorite lecture at SSE/PA conference

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Spoon Bending Party!

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How Fractals fill space

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.16.36 AMThis fun video shows how fractals fill space, each in their own way.

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Momentum keeps building for more ET Disclosure

Following comments by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her spokesman/advisor John Podesta, both calling for more UFO/ET disclosure, the media is starting to cover the story. Here are a few examples: Epoch Times and Tech Crunch.

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New York Times does puff piece on Hillary’s interest in ET Disclosure

Citizen Hearing, International Panel, April 2013, National Press Club

Citizen Hearing, International Panel, April 2013, National Press Club

You can’t blame them for trying. The latest piece by the NY Times about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s interest in ET disclosure shows much in the dark they are about this important and mysterious subject. Amy Chozick’s article doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of this deep and complex topic probably because the NY Times is afraid of talk about it. Referring to “U.F.O. Buffs” in the title of the article is the same tactic used by Britain’s Ministry of Defense to discredit the topic and dissuade people from taking it seriously. That’s exactly what Nick Pope (pictured in photo, second from left), who used to work for the MOD, told us at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure held at the National Press Club in April 2013. Pope said descriptions of “UFO buffs and enthusiasts” were words deliberately used to deflate the issue. And here the Times is doing it again, in 2016. If fact, I happened to be sitting next to the NY Times photographer at the Citizen Hearing event, which consisted of five days of testimony from FAA, military, and aerospace witnesses. He told me in an exasperating fashion: “This is material I’ve ever seen, but I can’t get them to send anyone down from New York City to cover it.” That says it all about how seriously the Times is interested the history of this strange subject. Nonetheless, the Times did eventually run a brief article about the Citizen Hearing, several days later, on page ten.

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“Science and the Taboo of Psi” by Dean Radin

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