Dentist describes dangers of water fluoridation

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2nd International Consciousness Congress

Simeon presenting at the 2nd ICC in Miami

I recently got back from presenting at the 2nd International Consciousness Congress in Miami. It was a lot of fun! This event was organized by the International Academy of Consciousness based in Portugal. The Academy offers classes and training that teach people how to have new experiences in consciousness including OBEs (Out of Body Experiences). I presented some of my new ideas about multiverse theory and its implication for our sense of personality structure, channeling, and related subjects. Here is a link to the IAC Facebook page where you can see clips of some of the presentations. I personally enjoyed the talks about children’s past lives memories by Jim Tucker, NDEs that occur during heart surgery from Pim van Lommel, studies of the effects of ET encounters on human contactees by Rey Hernandez, how computers will never be conscious like humans by computer chip inventor Federico Faggin. There’s a brief clip of my presentation here. I’ll be posting a full length version of my presentation,  “Implications of Many Worlds Theory for our Idea of Human Personality Structure and Disorders,” soon.

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Unacknowledged/Black Swan Ghosts special offer

The new film Unacknowledged: An Expose on the Worlds’s Greatest Secret debuts as an iTunes top-selling movie. Way to go! The day after release it was in the top 20 iTunes for all movies, and had the top spot in Documentaries. If you purchase or rent the book or movie, I’m offering you a special deal on my book Black Swan Ghosts. Unacknowledged features many top Disclosure witnesses including the late astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Hal Putoff, and retired officials from every government ABC military, aerospace, and intelligence organization you can name. It’s most likely one of best UFO documentaries ever.  

Just send me your receipt for your Unacknowledged book (hardback or Kindle) or movie (purchase or rental), and I’ll send you a link for a totally FREE download of my Black Swan Ghosts ebook ($10 value), a #1 new release on Amazon, my latest research into this controversial and important topic. It’s time we knew about our real national history, including our official and unofficial experiences with unidentified aerial craft. Unacknowledged goes a long way toward moving the Disclosure ball down the field.

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Willoghby Hedge Crop Circle

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Witness videos now in Black Swan Ghosts ebook

Peter the jockey shares an amazing contact story including a near brush with an apparent humanoid and a mysterious phone call the next morning.

Louise Voves—Encountered a flying disc and later, a US Army convoy that told her to leave the area, while picking huckleberries

Franco—Witness to anomalous, brightly lit craft over a lake followed by military jet intervention








I’ve created new videos for four of the chapters in Black Swan GhostsIf you purchased the eBook you’ll find these video links at the end of witness chapters, if the interview video is available. (It’s now on iBooks too.)  On the videos you’ll hear and see:

  • Peter the jockey in the UK talk about one of the most extraordinary encounters I’ve ever heard followed by a strange phone call and a secret “meeting” with an unknown high-level government group that wanted to know everything . . . in a pub!
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Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle

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Pilot tells of UFO over Loring AFB 1975

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Waden Hill, nr. Avebury, Wiltshire UK. Reported 4.22.17

Waden Hill, nr. Avebury, Wiltshire UK. Reported 4.22.17

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The new film “Unacknowledged: An Expose of The World’s Greatest Secret” by Dr. Steven Greer will be available May 9th. This film looks at our society’s ruthless suppression and distortion of public information about UFOs and alleged ET contact. It also examines the role of special access projects (SAPS) in perpetuating the coverup.

You can watch the trailer now (viewable in iTunes) and order your copy on iTunes. You can also pre-order the book and “Unacknowledged” collectibles. Features eyewitness interviews with retired individuals and former officials from many US military, intelligence, and space agencies.

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First UK crop circle of the year! Cherhill


Drone video by Matt Williams Full size 360 photo
Find Matt on Facebook at Masters of Crop Circle 360 VR

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