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“Ball of Light” Passes Near Simeon Hein, Fosbury Crop Circle 2010

Videographer Arvy’das Kizevicius allegedly videotaped a “ball of light” passing near Simeon Hein in the Fosbury 2010 formation. At the time I was doing the Standing Tree Meditation near the center of the formation. It was my intent at the time to bring energy into the formation using this Taoist meditation technique. Perhaps it worked! The object appears to enter the formation from the left and move across to the center. However, I didn’t see anything while standing there, nor did anyone else (there were several people there) at the time, leading me to believe that Mr. Kizevicius most likely captured a bird, insect, or flying debris very near to his camera. My companion a few feet away, facing me, didn’t see anything either so whatever he videotaped must be closer to his camera lens than it was to us.

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