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Simon Collins, fan of Planetary Intelligence, with crop circle tattoo

Simon Collins, lead singer for the progressive rock band SOUND OF CONTACT, recently told me that he is a big fan of my book Planetary Intelligence, and even made a tattoo from it! ┬áThe page, p. 72 of the book, … Continue reading

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We Think With Our Bodies

New research in human thought processes has found that humans literally think with their bodies. (“Let Your Body Do the Thinking,” New Scientist, march 27th 2010) This is referred to as “embodied cognition.” Scientists have done a number of well-conducted … Continue reading

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Amazing! Green Plants Are Quantum Computers

Brand new research from several universities reveals that green plants use quantum computation to convert light into chemical fuel. An article from New Scientist (February 6th, 2010) shows that plants make use of a principle known as “quantum coherence” to … Continue reading

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