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Why Remote Viewing Isn’t “Remote Viewing”

For a long time we’ve been referring to this thing known as “remote viewing.” But if you think about it, if things were really remote then “remote viewing” wouldn’t work in the first place, now would it? What we are really referring too is a type of resonance conduction or frequency identification process whereby energy and information are instantly transferred from one point to another, akin to something like a “quantum radio signal” where there is no time lag. Read more in this article  Why Remote Viewing Isn’t “Remote Viewing”

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Learn to View–Step 5 “Closing the Session”

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Virtual Viewing Courses (details and info)

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Remote Viewing: Law of Attraction Meets Virtual Resonance

You have probably heard of the Law of Attraction and “The Secret”: the idea that “like attracts like”. Similar things synergistically attract and amplify each other.

Well, few people realize it but this is why and how remote and “resonant” viewing work. In fact, it’s the REAL secret to RV.

Basically, anything you think about puts you in resonance with that thing, even briefly, and you begin to attract more of it. You begin to affect the resonance of the space-time matrix all around us.

Physical reality begins with thoughts. As it was said a long time ago, “in the beginning was the Word.” Similarly, when you are tasked with a target, you resonate with it at a subconscious level. And so, you create more thoughts and energy about it. The target effectively crystallizes in your awareness and thus, you get information about it.

Wherever you put your attention, that object of your attention will grow. With a viewing target the same things happens. You begin to attract more of that target, even in the most subtle ways.

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