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How to Think and Grow Rich

goldThink and Grow Rich, a classic text by Napoleon Hill, has been studied and talked about by success coaches and motivational speakers for generations. It’s influenced countless numbers of others. Hill was originally commissioned by Andrew Carnegie in the 1930’s to study successful men of the era including Ford, Edison, J.P. Morgan, and hundreds of others in order to discover their “secrets of success.” Hill claimed to have found the common basic principles that all of them used to become giants in their field. In this book, he explains how anyone can use these ideas to the same effect.

But did you know that Hill makes frequently reference to the “sixth sense” and other types of psychic functioning as the basis for what makes people successful?  He also talks about the importance of transmuting personal, physical energy into creative energy. It’s a question of tapping into “infinite intelligence” with your subconscious mind and imprinting that intelligence with your intentions and ideas. Simple right?

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