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Generation X Paranormal Interview with Nicole and Logan

In this interview, we discussed bigfoot, cryptids, orbs, and exotic states of matter that are often associated with paranormal phenomena.

Interview with Paranormal Soup—Dark Matter Monsters and Black Swan Ghosts

Black Swan Ghosts revised edition book release YouTube livestream (9 PM ET, 6/23/24)

Thunderstorm Generator: Can Ball Lightning Clean Up Dangerous Combustion Engine Exhaust Emissions?

Interview with Michael Schratt: Graphics for UFO Crash Retrievals

Are new energy breakthroughs the key to decoding “paranormal bigfoot” and associated mysteries?

MISIDENTIFIED: Where Science Meets the Paranormal. Ep. 1 —Mystery Drones, UFOs, and Meteorites

Rogue Ways Interview with Simeon about Bigfoot and Orbs


The host, Lindsey, also shared her experience with ball lightning while hiking with a group in the Wind River Range of Wyoming.

Koitcast Interview—Crop Circles, RV, and more

With Jimmy Church—Fade to Black (April 10, 2024)