New Evidence Shows Fluoridated Water Is Bad For Your Health

The following article gives a good summary of the recent work of Dr. A. K. Susheela on the negative effects of fluoride on the human body including weakened bones, teeth, muscles and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s, miscarriages, and mental retardation. According to Dr. Susheela “fluoride has no benefits” to the human body. In her words it causes the “metabolic system to become deranged.” She recommends a complete cessation of water fluoridation everywhere in the world. In short, fluoridated water is a hoax based on fringe science or better yet, no science at all! Negative Health Effects of Fluoride. (Please note that the blog where this post appears contains ads for various health products. I haven’t evaluated these and can’t recommend them one way or another.) This latest information was revealed at the the 27th Conference of the International Society for Fluoride Research held in Beijing China.  For much more information about all the health effects of fluoride see the Fluoride Action Network.

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