Revenge of the Right Brain

Several years ago, Wired Magazine published an insightful article about how our future economic growth as a country is tied to increased development of our right brain. In “Revenge Of the Right Brain,” based on Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule The Future, the author explains how our left-brain based economy of today can easily be outsourced to other countries. However, creative work based more on intuition, empathy, and design skills is much more difficult for other countries to copy or duplicate.

And what helps you develop your right-brain? Viewing, among other things, that’s what. Here’s the full article: Revenge of the Right Brain. It’s well worth reading if you want to see where things are headed. Here’s my commentary on it: Viewing and the New Economy. Also see Is the U.S. Economy Suffering From A Lack Of Creativity?

And if you want to strengthen your right brain NOW, don’t miss my new RV Live Online Viewing Class, starting September 3rd.

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