Sacred Sites Offer A Chance To Experience Subtle Energies

StonehengeWe’ve talked a lot on this blog about crop circles as a source for unexplained energies, sacred sites offer another way to experience the feeling of subtle energies. I’m specifically talking about the ancient stone circles in England and other locations. Every year, on our crop circle tour, we visit Stonehenge and Avebury, two of the better known stone circles in Europe. Avebury is actually much older and bigger than Stonehenge, though latter is far better known and easier to see: it’s a much more compact structure than Avebury.

We’re still learning about how these sites generate energy, and we haven’t seen the battery-draining effects as we do in some crop circles. But they offer a glimpse into the past, a time when people understood the function of geometry in the landscape and sought to integrate their structures with the larger terrain. Silbury Hill is a good example of a structure with beautiful form and site placement.

For more information about visiting these sites, please visit our  summer tours in England page:  Sacred sites in England

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