“The Event”–What Does UFO/ET Disclosure Mean For The U.S. Economy?

If you saw NBC’s new weekly adventure-drama “The Event,” which airs on Monday nights, you’re probably wondering what it all means. Is this just more TV entertainment or something more meaningful? Afterall, the topic of UFO/ET disclosure is a telling one with many real-world implications, consequences, and repercussions. While some have foretold the total crash of the stock market in the wake of such an event, I think there are more positive, long-term implications: like the growth of a whole new economy, new technologies, and demand for right-brain thinking skills. If you think about it, the U.S. economy isn’t doing that well on it’s one right now, is it? It could use a little boost, of the extraterrestrial kind. Read more: UFOs, ETs and the U.S. Economy and Top Jobs in a Post UFO-Disclosure Economy.

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