Feedback on our “Free Energy Device” Viewings–Direct Hit!

“Remote Viewing” is a way for your conscious mind to tap into distant locations, future, and parallel realities. Through the subconscious mind a viewer can pick up on the resonant signal of another place and time. Viewing sessions work best when the viewer gets some kind of immediate feedback after their session is finished. This lets the viewer know how well they connected with the hidden target. In some cases, it can take longer to get the feedback because the target is not immediately verifiable.

To that end, over ten years ago we did several viewing sessions of the “most probable ‘zero-point energy device’ (ZPED) that would be available on Earth in the near future.” We picked up on a cone-shaped device, seen here, which was drawn by one of the viewers. At the time, we didn’t have any feedback because we were viewing the future.  Click here to see the sessions.

Now, it looks like our sessions did connect with something real. Here’s feedback on those sessions I just received from someone working on just such a machine, that has been under development for a while:

Dear Dr. Hein:  I enjoyed your talk at the Paranormal Research Foundation and last Wednesday.  I also bought your book.  In reading your book, I recognized the device you remote view and observed as a Zero Point energy device.  A rather accurate remote viewing observation in all.
The device observed is called a Spider Unit and accesses the ether/prana/torsion/”Zero point energy” to achieve its function. The Spider Unit is an Etheric Rain Engineering (ERE) device built by Trevor James Constable and was operating at that time in Palos Verde Estates, California.
This Spider Unit  consists of four cones built on the Phi-Ratio, as are all other parts of the device. The Spider Unit was in a backyard rotating over a small pond. The semi-sentient membrane covering the device, might be the spray of water over it used for grounding. It also has a membrane covering parts of it, made of polymer gel. Trevor developed his technology from the work of Rudolph Steiner and Wilhelm Reich. The device works by creating a spiral wave in the ether/zero point-energy, which can modify weather in conjunction with other ERE devices.
The Spider Units are only one part of larger system of etheric weather modification devices. I am a student of Trevor James Constable and he has taught me much of his understanding. Go to to lean more about Trevor James Constable and his methods. If you go to Panacea Online University, then Course, then Cloud Busting, there is an excellent overview of the history of this method. There is also a picture of a half finished Spider Unit. I also recommend checking out Peter Lindemann’s site, “

I have a notebook of photos of this device operating, if you would like to see it sometime.  Although,  you might have your students view Trevor and/or myself to confirm this information.
Be Well,  Ken



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