Is This Alien Technology?

Nonstick pan

This is a truly weird coincidence.

Some years ago, I heard someone at the UFO conference say that the often-seen, large Flying Black Triangles were actually American-made military vehicles housed at Area 51, and Boscombe Down in Britain, and built from “reverse-engineered alien technology.”

The presenter was Edgar Fouche at the International UFO Congress held in Laughlin, Nevada.  He specifically said that these near anti-gravity vehicles, the so-called TR3B, were coated in something he called “quasi-crystals“, which made the triangles almost invisible to radar. According to Fouche, the only thing more advanced than this vehicle was “alien technology we got it from in the first place.”

These enigmatic UFOs in recent years have been seen all over the world including the infamous sightings in Belgium in 1990. (I even saw a small one myself, together with researcher Denni Clark, in Nevada in 2005.)

Ever since that lecture, I have been fascinated by crystals and their technological applications and connection to crop circle shapes.

Now recently, I started using a new type of “green” nonstick pan made by Ozeri that is coated with a super-hard ceramic material. (They call it “Greblon.” This is supposed to be better for you than Teflon coated cookware which contains fluoride and other toxic chemicals. A quick search for Greblon shows it is made by Impreglon who, among other things, make coatings for the aerospace industry. Notice the picture of a stealth fighter at the top of the page.)

Personally, I totally love this cookware made by Ozeri. No joke! It is so easy to use and wash, and nothing EVER sticks to it. (At least not so far.) It really is almost like magic. (There are also other brands using similar technology.)

Imagine my surprise when I recently found out that it is made of, you guessed it: five-sided quasi-crystals!

You may remember a post here from several weeks ago about Daniel Shechtman, the nobel laureate credited with discovering quasi-crystals 2011 who was ostracized by his colleagues and thrown out of his professional society because his discovery was so controversial.

Well, it turns out that is new type of nonstick frying pan is one of the first applications of his discovery!

And I can’t help wondering: Is it also used by extraterrestrials to coat the outside of their UFOs?

I can’t say for sure, but I can tell you that it’s now my favorite piece of cookware in the kitchen. It’s ability to maintain a slippery surface for every dish, is, well, almost “extraterrestrial”:)

So I’m not trying to sell you on this, but it’s really good. And you are cooking with the latest crystal technology! How cool is that?

P.S. This might make a great gift to a UFO buff!

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