My thoughts on the “Killshot”

I posted the Killshot video in the previous post because people are always asking me about it. “Are Ed Dame’s predictions correct?” they want to know.

My own view: Ed is viewing parallel realities, real but not relevant to us (for the most part.) The comments from viewer Steve echo this.

The “multiple worlds” view of modern physics says that in an infinite universe, all possibilities exist somewhere. Anything you can think of exists somewhere.

There is nothing to prevent remote viewers from “viewing” these also. In fact, if you are really interested in them, and “resonate” with those ideas, they are even easier for you to view.

So that’s what Ed is perceiving: parallel realities to our own. These are good “remote viewing” description of an alternate timelines. (His predictions about the bees, however, do seem relevant to what we’re experiencing, however. In my experience, most of his predictions aren’t.)

Thanks for all your comments.

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